Lakeview Square Mall Now Under New Management – Promises Convenient Access and New Facilities

BATTLE CREEK, Michigan (WOOD) — On Tuesday, Horrocks Family Farmers Market, a famous Michigan market renowned for its finest meat and produce, launched an exciting chapter by opening its doors at an all-new location in Battle Creek. 

This act lets the market grow what it offers while ensuring simpler access for its customers. As it is located within the Lakeview Square Mall’s confines.

Autumn Horrocks, a third-generation franchisee co-owner, shared optimism for this latest location, having square footage like its counterpart in West Lansing.

Having anything on a single floor gave our customers a greater navigation experience, which proved to be an incredible prospect. In addition, it lets us roll out new offerings. This is because we have regularly done at our Lansing workplace over the years“, stated Horrocks.

The Horrocks Family Farmers Market has shifted to the Lakeview Square Mall location, which used to be owned by JCPenney.

Horrocks and her husband casually cracked jokes about their company taking over the old mall spaces. “People are likely asking, ‘Where’s the tavern?’ Well, it is now in the old barbershop! Also, the floral section has been relocated to the previous wedding area, said Horrocks.

However, a significant renovation was required to transform this old retail site into their new residence. Horrocks called the process challenging and needed lots of work on the plumbing and wiring systems.

In the beginning, we believed it would be a simple shift. But as we came closer to the task, we discovered plenty of relatively minor concerns, such as plumbing and electrical work, that had to be fixed. But after all those issues have been successfully sorted out, things seem to be running smoothly,” Horrocks said, sighing.

Horrocks Family Farmers Market has acquired 35% more room than its former location on Capital Avenue in the hub of Battle Creek. This is situated at Lakeview Square Mall.

The previous location was no longer appropriate for having a meat section. Moreover, the state of the structure needed to be fixed. Horrocks addressed these challenges by declaring, “The facility itself began to deteriorate and was not anymore in its prime condition.”

Horrocks shared that although their business has shifted to Lakeview Square Mall, they still own the old facility on Capital Avenue. They shared that it will be sold shortly.

There has already been much interest in repurposing this building, says the assistant city manager Ted Dearing.

As a way of figuring out the best possible reuse of the building, he emphasized the importance of interacting with developers and nearby citizens about looking into potential opportunities.

The Horrocks is enthusiastic regarding the fresh opportunities awaiting their retail location and innovative goods as outcome of the move.

They want to revive the vicinity by reusing a vacant lot inside the shopping mall. “We have turned around a vacant mall—where all of the anchors have left—to revitalize this area of the town. By introducing fresh air in the area, we aim to act as a catalyst for development. We’ve got lots of capacity to accomplish that, and the additional space allows us to do so.” Horrocks added with certainty.

Loyal customers were already noting the market’s latest move around. A usual customer, Barbara Varas, commented it’s big and expressed excitement. It is at least the same as the Lansing building. If smaller. I love it. 

Kathy Sasser shared her thoughts and showed her excitement; The town needs this, added Kathy Sasser. “I enjoy the same feeling as a young child in a sweet shop. Battle Creek needed a new location, so it got it today.

The Horrocks Family Farmers Market in the Lakeview Square Mall had a test run on Tuesday. Still, it started to open regularly on Wednesdays, welcoming customers from 7 a.m. until 10 p.m. A grand launch date has yet to be scheduled, but it will mainly rely on how prepared other facilities, such as the dining area and greenhouse, are.

With intentions to consistently grow and expand their product line, Autumn Horrocks underlined that this is, in fact, just the very beginning of their trip in their new location.

Horrocks gave customers a sneak peek of the big changes. “We are only beginning, and there is much more to come. We’ll be introducing more over time.”

Along with starting an exciting new phase for the business, the launch of the current Horrocks Family Farmers Market capacity gives an incredible opportunity for Battle Creek.

The company aims to attract customers and bring some life into the area by taking the area inside Lakeview Square Mall. All this will be done while offering fresh meat and fruits. It is expected that the Horrocks family will contribute to the community due to their devotion to revitalizing a dormant mall and their dedication to offering quality products.

People of Battle Creek can anticipate a positive retail experience and the comfort of finding a wide variety of fresh meats and vegetables below a single roof as the farmer’s market sets into its new home. The relocation of the Horrocks Family Farmers Market to the Lakeview Square Mall assures growth, innovation, and enhanced customer service. It will be providing customers with an additional reason for supporting local businesses.

The Horrocks Family Farmers Market will make further upgrades and add additional features in the coming days.

Battle Creek locals are eagerly looking forward to having a chance to explore the expanded market. They will be enjoying the fresh and various products, and soaking in the exciting ambiance which the Horrocks are aiming to set up at Lakeview Square Mall as its official launch approaches nearer.