Empire Mall, Empire East Under New Management

Nestled in the heart of South Dakota, The Empire Mall has been a go-to destination for all customers. With a focus on fashion, accessories, dining, and lifestyle, the premier retail center is welcoming new businesses to delight shoppers. The mall management recently announced the arrival of these brands, further diversifying the shopping experience and ensuring there is something for everyone.

Addition of these new businesses is sure to attract a broader target audience and improve the shopping experience. Want to learn about the newest developments under fresh management? Read on to explore the new businesses that will operate in the Empire Mall. 


Now located within the Empire Mall, Tullabee is a trendy boutique that offers an amazing collection of infant and toddler clothing. It is a sister brand to Altar’d State, offering chic outfits for your little one. The carefully crafted collection features latest designs that ensures your child’s comfort. 

Tullabee’s target audience primarily consists of fashion-conscious mama’s and grandma’s who appreciate contemporary styles. It is known for designing bold prints, fun colors, and statement fashion pieces for your child. Whether you are looking for trendy outfits or dresses for a special occasion, Tullabee’s store at the Empire Mall will cater to your needs. 

As its latest destination, Tullabee has opened a store in the Empire Mall. You can find the store next to GNC and Victoria’s Secret. The outlet is designed to excite babies and make the shopping experience enjoyable. 

Dial N Style

Dial N Style is a unique concept that brings convenient access to phone accessories, like cases, headphones. It is also venturing into phone repair services and allows customers to enjoy a quick service.

The company operates through a kiosk that is generally placed inside a mall. Dial N Style’s target audience are the tech savvy individuals who are want to upgrade their phone by installing high-quality phone covers and other accessories. 

The primary location for Dial N Style is within the Empire Mall in South Dakota. It has added a store in the Stewart’s location. However, the new business will be operating through a kiosk which will be placed outside Bath & Body Works. This strategic placement ensures easy accessibility for shoppers who are looking for phone accessories. 

Thyme Café

Looking for a delightful dining experience with a warm atmosphere? Stop by the newly opened Thyme Café at the Empire Mall. It has an extensive menu that features something for everyone. From refreshing salads, gourmet sandwiches, to personal pizza; the eatery offers a well-rounded dining experience. The café also has a build-your-own pasta bar, making it an interactive experience.

Thyme Cafe is perfect for shoppers who enjoy a high-quality meal with an inviting ambiance. Be it friends looking for a casual dining spot, families or individuals; this café caters to a wider audience.  

Taylor Massey started the Café in Lennox and is now expanding to a second location, Sioux Falls. The restaurant will operate in both locations to serve locals. You can locate the café inside the Empire Malls food court. If you have seen taco John’s, then locating Thyme Café won’t be a problem since they are located next to each other. 


Renowned for its iconic eyewear and sports gear, Oakley has recently gotten a complete renovation at the Empire Mall. It is a globally known sunglasses brand that offers a wide range of sports and prescription eyewear. With innovative frame designs and latest lens technology, these eyewear is worth purchasing.

Oakley’s target audience mainly consists of people who appreciate high-quality eyewear, sports enthusiasts, and outdoor adventurers. Providing optimal visual performance, Oakley offers stylish eyewear with innovative lens technology. 

You can easily locate an Oakley store across the United States. After the cosmetic renovation, Oakley’s store at the Empire Mall offers a comfortable environment for shoppers. The addition of lights, finishes and paints has upgraded the overall feel of the outlet. 

Pro Image Sports

Located next to Express and Boki Gelato, The Empire Mall welcomes Pro Image Sports. It is a specialty retailer that offers sports apparel and collectibles. The store at the Mall offers a diverse range of sport-related products such as sweatshirts, caps, and t-shirts. 

Whether you want to surprise your son with his favorite teams jersey or want products to support your favorite team in the next game; Pro Image Sports caters to all. Primarily, this newly opened store caters to sport enthusiasts. Showcase loyalty and team pride with their high-quality merchandise. 

Pro Image Sports has multiple locations in the United States. New York, Minnesota, Florida, South Dakota, California, and Utah are some of the states that have several stores. Sport fans are going to love shopping at Empire Mall. 

Furniture for Life

Based in Colorado, Furniture for Life delivers premium massage chairs, mattresses, sofas, recliners and much more. The company focuses on delivering functional furniture that elevates living spaces

Opening the new store at the Empire Mall will enhance a shopper’s experience and allow them to upgrade their home. It offers statement pieces to create stylish and comfortable home. One of its popular offering includes the zero-gravity recliner.  Renters, homeowners, and individuals who plan to furnish their house are their target audience. 

Furniture for Life stores are located nationwide. After temporarily pausing operations, the stylish furniture store has expanded into a bigger space. You can easily locate the store next to David Jones Fashions and Express in the Empire Mall.