Walmart Dress Code: Serious Do’s and Don’ts To Watch Out For

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying that “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” So, you should know Walmart dress code if you’re considering a job there. I’ve been an employee at Walmart for a few years, and over this period, I have picked up a few tips on how to dress for the workplace. I’ll share a few guidelines and suggestions that will be extremely useful for someone looking to secure a job there.

Quick Summary

Walmart employees can dress casually in shirts, jeans, sneakers etc., as long as they wear the store’s vest and badge. But there are some rules for employees, like no ripped jeans. Walmart also has personal grooming requirements, such as no facial hair for boys under 18 and no artificial hair colors. All Walmart stores maintain the dress code on all days, including orientation and job interviews. For its employees, Walmart has recently introduced inclusive uniforms that are more comfortable for all body shapes.

Does Walmart Enforce Dress Code On Its Employees?

Walmart distribution centres do not adhere to an established dress code at any of its locations. 

Initially, Walmart employees would wear black or tan trousers, a green, white, or black collared shirt, and a Walmart vest.

Then Walmart eased its dress code guidelines in 2018, letting staff members “dress and reflect their own personal style.” While working at a Walmart warehouse, you can wear any shade of denim pants and shirts with various patterns and colours. No restrictions!

However, you must wear a Walmart vest and your name badge over your clothes during regular business hours. The colour of the vest depends upon your position within the store.

Walmart Dress Code Guidelines

As long as they stick to Walmart’s dress code, employees can wear shirts in any colour and pattern, along with different shades of denim jeans. In particular, jeans must be free of rips, adornments, and stones.

Employees may opt for sneakers over formal footwear for more comfort. I have compiled comprehensive rules for Walmart’s dress code over here.

Shirts: You can pick any color/pattern to put on.

Pants: There are many options available, including trousers, denim jeans, cargo pants, capris, chinos, and skirts in a range of colours. However, yoga pants, joggers, and other athletic attire are prohibited.

Hats/Caps: Just baseball caps, specifically the ones that Walmart allows for, are permitted. Cashiers cannot put on any headwear.

Shoes: Options for footwear include formal shoes and sneakers, which deliver more comfort, notably for people who roam around or stand quite a lot inside the facility.

Jackets: Hoodies are allowed, but managerial discretion might get applied. While certain managers let employees wear hoodies under the Walmart vest, some may set constraints out of concern for the security of all.

I recommend consulting the manager for more information about putting on coats or hoodies.

Facial piercings and tattoos: Tattoos and facial piercings are allowed except for food department employees, who are barred from getting them due to hygiene concerns. If an employee has an objectionable tattoo, they must cover it up while on duty.

Shorts/Skirts: The skirts and Capri trousers which go no lower than 3.5 inches over the knee are permissible if they comply with the established length limits. But shorts are not permitted for Walmart employees to wear.

Hair: As far as it is clean and well-groomed, facial hair is fine. A beard net is a must in the food section. Colouring your hair is OK if it isn’t causing undue distractions for colleagues and shoppers.

In a nutshell, you will see that Walmart dress code is quite lenient as compared to Target dress code for its employees.

Walmart Guidelines for Personal Grooming of Employees

Piercings: Walmart employees can accessorize with jewellery, but it needs to be modest and inconspicuous. However, wearing any jewellery is strictly prohibited for people handling fresh food.

Specific limitations apply to facial piercings. Jewellery shouldn’t pose risks to safety like tangling. As such, hoop earrings of any kind are not allowed while working.

To ensure proper sanitation, workers in the fresh food departments might get instructions to cover their bodily piercings. Compliance is necessary if asked to take out facial piercings for any reason.

Hair Dye: The previously strict ban on hair colour has been significantly loosened. If the colour isn’t overly attention-grabbing, Walmart employees can now colour their hair. It’s ok to colour your hair creatively within limits.

However, it is up to the store manager to decide whether a specific employee’s hair has become distracting. Overall, staying far from neon hair colours and highly styled hair is best. Consult with the shop manager before deciding your hair’s style or colour.

Tattoos: In the past, Walmart had strict guidelines against visible tattoos and refused to hire applicants who had them. Tattoos are usually permissible under the recent dress code, assuming they don’t display vulgarity. The request for covering up some tattoos can come from managers, though.

On what is considered vulgarity, different managers may have different opinions. If you reveal them during the interview, your tattoos may be permitted at work.

I suggest asking your manager for approval before acquiring new, visible tattoos. Moreover, Walmart is not a franchise so don’t expect the dress code to vary drastically between different outlets.

List of Permitted and Forbidden Clothing At Walmart

The revised Walmart dress code takes a significantly more lenient policy, giving employees more room to pick their outfits. Generally, clothing needs to put convenience first and be suitable for working environments.

Avoiding any chance of clothing getting tangled up with equipment, carts, or storage facilities is essential. These are some examples of suitable work attire:

  • Jeans
  • Dresses
  • T-shirts
  • Blouses
  • Pants

Walmart employees can don sneakers at work. Although the business has no set shoe dress code, closed-toe shoes must be worn.

However, despite the lenient structure, many constraints still exist and call for compliance. The standard of conduct is that employees always keep a professional demeanor. 

The simplest method to get answers to questions about clothing options is talking with the store manager. On the other hand, prohibited work attire consists of the following:

  • For Walmart employees, leggings are not allowed. The dress code strictly prohibits yoga pants, leggings, and jeggings.
  • Overly revealing clothes.
  • Outfit with political or religious declarations.
  • Clothing with offensive designs or phrases.
  • Worn-out or ripped apparel.
  • Frayed edges on the pants.
  • Clothes that hinder movement.

Is There a Walmart Dress Code For Orientation?

Not specifically. Nevertheless, a casual and adaptable outfit would suit your Walmart orientation.

The Walmart Orientation is an excellent opportunity to start interacting with the company and familiarize yourself with its offerings.

It’s also an excellent chance to start talks and develop connections. Your tendency to appear highly refined might be vital when fresh to any position.

This means that you should wear whatever enables you to feel most comfortable. It’s essential to consider how your appearance fits the organization’s image regardless of where you are applying. Dress codes for other stores like Publix follow the same guidelines.

If you aim to present a professional image, consider bringing a button-up shirt with khakis or trousers, topped off with spotless, comfy closed-toe shoes. It’s additionally essential to keep yourself clean and well-groomed.

What Is Walmart Interview Dress Code?

Making an outstanding first impression is necessary for a job interview with Walmart. The standard interview attire reflects business casual norms. Make sure that your picked outfit is clean, tidy, and the correct size.

The most appropriate ensemble for male applicants is a formal or button-down shirt worn with pants or khakis. Dark-hued slacks and a light-hued shirt go great together.

Neckties are optional for males, but donning a conservative tie might help make an effective first impression. Female candidates should wear a dress blouse or cardigan with neat slacks or a skirt.

I advise you to dress professionally for interviews when applying to higher-level positions at Walmart. Candidates looking for management positions, whether male or female, would look appealing in a business outfit.

The best option is to choose a black or charcoal suit and match it with a light-coloured shirt or top.

Does Walmart Have a Dress Code For Customers Too?

Walmart does not enforce a dress code on its customers.

The company focuses primarily on offering an atmosphere allowing customers to have easy and pleasant shopping experiences free from unnecessary limitations.

However, customers are bound to a code of conduct that discourages rude behaviour while shopping. Additionally, Walmart expects that its customers will consistently conduct themselves politely and organizationally.

Although not implemented, the company also assumes that customers would adhere to suitable personal hygiene standards.

Is Walmart Dress Code Strict?

Compared to other retail stores, Walmart’s dress code offers more flexibility. Walmart’s dress code is more accommodating than competitors in the retail sector. You can wear casual clothing within the store if it complies with the accepted standards.

Despite Walmart’s lenient dress code policy, violating the rules can have adverse consequences. A formal warning or notice might arise from incidents of dress code breaches.

Walmart can take disciplinary action if you violate the dress code. This range includes verbal alerts, written warnings, and, in extreme cases, termination.

After getting multiple warnings, an employer can terminate or fire someone for persisting in violating the dress code. In this instance, Walmart will send a written notice detailing why the disciplinary action is enacted.

Can I Go Against Walmart Dress Code?

It’s usually not a good idea to go against a dress code.

Walmart already has a more lenient and flexible clothing code than many other companies. Employees who publicly voice their dissatisfaction risk being advised to search for alternative employment. So, I am sure you don’t want to be jobless!

You may speak with your shop manager if you need help complying with the dress code. The very first step in this process is submitting a formal complaint. 

It’s essential to clearly state the reason for your issue and what kind of change you’re looking for.

However, Walmart has the legal right to set up a new dress code. This is a foundation of corporate policy, and sticking to it requires the cooperation of every employee. Although certain staff members could express discontentment, the new attire code will probably stay in place.

News! Walmart Has Now Introduced Inclusive Uniforms For Its Workers

Store-level employees at Walmart have now been given a broader range of vests to pick from as a part of their work dress. The retail giant recently displayed 7 new vest designs made with inclusiveness and specific needs in mind. The new vests are categorized as follows:

  • Hard of Hearing or Deaf vest
  • Inside Medical-Device-Pocket vest
  • Maternity vest
  • Non-Zipper vest
  • Short Stature vest
  • Wheelchair User vest
  • Women’s Cut vest

Walmart ensured that employee opinion was considered when planning these vests, which will be provided to employees later in 2023. 

This change corresponds with earlier adjustments to Walmart’s uniforms, such as the 2019 launch of steel Gray vests created from recycled water bottles; and the release of the 2018 dress code that included blue trousers and shirts of any solid shade.

Key Takeaways

  • Employees at Walmart are allowed to dress casually, including sneakers, shirts, and jeans.
  • There are distinct limitations on what staff can put on, such as not carrying offensive logos, ripped jeans, or apparent undergarments.
  • Walmart also has grooming norms, like no artificial hair colors and no facial hair for boys below 18.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Walmart provide uniforms to its employees?

Yes, Walmart provides its employees with badges, names, and vests as part of their uniforms. Walmart requires that all its employees wear them at all hours. The colour of the vest varies based on exactly where you are.

Is it compulsory for Walmart employees to tuck in their shirts?

No, Walmart employees are allowed to wear their shirts untucked if they want to do so. There are no restrictions on the colour or pattern of shirts employees can wear.

Are Walmart employees allowed to wear nail polish?

If the nail paint isn’t demeaning, Walmart workers may wear it. Acrylic-based fake nails are also allowed for Walmart checkers. Artificial nails are prohibited for individuals who manage food, though, as they could accidentally come off, contaminating it.

Does Walmart have a dress code for its assistant managers?

Assistant managers at Walmart have the right to dress however they opt for, like wearing any colour of denim trousers with any shade or pattern of shirt. In addition, sneakers may be worn to work rather than dress shoes. In contrast to the grey vests seen by usual store staff, they are attired in navy blue.

Where can I find Walmart employee uniforms for sale?

eBay features a few offerings for Walmart employee uniforms. You can SparkShop, an official Walmart-branded retail store, where you can buy clothing items carrying the Walmart logo, like coats, t-shirts, hats, and more.