Specialty Retail Report’s 14th Annual Guide to Top Cart & Kiosk Start-up Packages

It’s one of the most important business decisions you will make. Whether you’re launching a new cart or kiosk business or expanding a successful one, find out how you can invest in a specialty retail concept that will deliver winning results.

Buying into a concept

Choosing the product you want to sell is the most important decision you’ll make. It will affect many other decisions along the way, from the location you choose to the pricing strategy you adopt.

Sometimes the best way to find the right product for your new business is to buy into a fully formed retail concept that’s based on a product that has already racked up a string of successes. Entrepreneurs buy into these concepts for a reason: They want to get into business without having to start one from scratch.

Most specialty retail concepts are structured as owner-operator or independent reseller programs, not franchises or “business opportunities.” The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) defines and heavily regulates those types of businesses, but not owner-operator, independent reseller or certain other retail business structures whose terms and conditions are left to the parties involved to determine as they see fit—within the confines of federal, state and local laws, of course.

Owner-operator or independent reseller programs are usually arms-length relationships where the entrepreneur who buys the business “package” is fully responsible for all retail operations, and purchases inventory at wholesale from the company offering the package. Franchises, on the other hand, usually require the retailer to operate under stringent terms and conditions, such as setting specific retail prices and displaying merchandise as the company dictates and buying inventory only from them. Whether this is an advantage to the buyer often depends on how much entrepreneurial independence that retailer wants. Some cart and kiosk concepts offer exclusive territories. That can be a plus if it’s a good territory and you have no plans to expand, but a minus if it’s a lousy territory or you want to expand into regions that are already taken.

Start-up costs

Start-up costs for cart or kiosk packages (including inventory, but not rent, permits, insurance, etc.) vary from around $500 to more than $45,000—with most of them falling between $3,000 and $10,000.
When you find a concept that interests you, analyze it by reviewing the offering company’s sales record and ask these key questions: Does this product sell well at owner-operator locations? You want a product that succeeds with turnkey operators, not just company-owned locations. How long has the company been in the specialty retail market? Because specialty retail is different from other types of retail, and has its own issues and challenges, experienced specialty retailers can help you navigate these obstacles quickly and efficiently.

Has the product succeeded in some locations but not others? While it’s exciting to hear about top locations with record sales, don’t be so dazzled that you forget to ask about locations that didn’t do as well as expected, and the factors that caused or contributed to it. Companies run by experienced specialty retailers will have answers that will help you zero in on factors that help ensure success—such as identifying the best demographic market for that product.

Does the company/product have name recognition? If the company is well established and its product is well respected, mall managers may be more willing to rent space to entrepreneurs with little or no experience. Investigate the company’s reputation and ask some of their independent retailers about their experiences with the company.

Can the company deliver? Do they guarantee product availability and delivery? There’s nothing more painful than facing a Christmas season or other peak time without enough product. Ask about the company’s turnaround time on product orders, especially during peak ordering periods. If you can, visit company headquarters and while you’re there, ask about their order-fulfillment processes.

When you’ve finished your analysis and picked the product right for you, congratulations! You’ve successfully completed the first and most important step to owning a successful and satisfying specialty retail operation.

To help you launch or expand your specialty retail business, SRR presents its annual listings of cart and kiosk startup packages. Please note that inclusion of a company in these listings does not imply an endorsement from Specialty Retail Report. Readers are advised to do their homework and research before pursuing new business opportunities.

Top Cart and Kiosk Start-ups: A-D

3D Games
Video games
Phone: 281.574.5849

American Apparel & Promotions
Custom apparel, promotional and presentation needs
Phone: 847.854.2670

Hair styling equipment & accessories
Phone: 866.833.3444

Aqua Massage International
Dry water massage and accessories
Phone: 800.248.4031

Aroma O2
Oxygen bar and heat-in-a-click
Phone: 843.267.9860

Attitude Line
Premium anti-aging Dead Sea products
Phone: 877.428.8833

Avani Dead Sea America Inc.
Dead Sea cosmetics line
Phone: 866.99.AVANI

Awesome Specialties Int’l
Multiple concepts – toys, music, gifts
Phone: 949.460.9192

Beach Essentials-The Saress
beach and poolside dress)
Phone: 403.398.3703

Bear Sentiments
Plush bears with sentimental expressions
Phone: 480.686.4960

Bearhands & Buddies
Unique mittens, scarves, hats, recycled denim
Phone: 877.805.9898

Bears In Chairs
Personalized bear-themed gifts
Phone: 866.MY.BEARS

Behind The Frame
Personalized photo mats and frames
Phone: 888.949.4443

Bellapierre Cosmetics
Mineral makeup and accessories
Phone: 888.982.3552

Hairstyling equipment & accessories
Phone: 877.726.7839

Belt Stop
Custom-made belts & headbands
Phone: 617.953.4361

Better Buzz Coffee Co.
Gourmet espresso, coffees, pastries, teas
Phone: 866.512.6911

Bico Australia
Fashionably unique tribal inspired jewelry
Phone: 877.781.9988

Big Apple Card Co.
Sports collectibles and memorabilia
Phone: 800.883.8090

Bling Strands
Fashion hair accessories
Phone: 801.759.4291

Blue Heron Bags
Fashionable handbags and accessories
Phone: 888.257.2033

Bodytime Wellness
spa and massage products and gifts
Phone: 866.826.3984

Boogie Heads
Personalized green-screen videos
Phone: 800.808.5989

Booster Juice
Fresh squeezed juice and smoothie bar
Phone: 503.675.7511

Bra Straps
Designer bra straps
Phone: 954.315.4793

Brow Art 23
Makeup, hair removal, skin care
Phone: 847.772.7577

Hip-hop jewelry
Phone: 213.626.1572

Unique and adorable children’s plush hats
Phone: 347.612.3520

Butterfly Massager
Personal massage product
Phone: 800.573.8171

Jewelry, hair accessories, belts & belt buckles
Phone: 213.626.1572

CA Giant
Multiple concepts – RC toys, watches, jewelry
Phone: 626.307.8927

CA Trading
Multiple concepts – jewelry, fashion accessories
Phone: 877.412.9696

Calendar Club
Multiple concepts – calendars, games, gifts
Phone: 888.422.5637

Calliope Designs
Personalized Christmas ornaments
Phone: 707.527.7178

Candy Bouquet
Candy bouquets
Phone: 877.226.3901

Cart Planet, Llc
Artificial snow, makeup, skincare, hair products
Phone: 818.654.5256

Innovative photo finishing products
Phone: 800.221.9832

Mobile phone accessories
Phone: 678.513.4020

Mobile phones and accessories
Phone: 800.578.8662

Wireless phones and accessories
Phone: 800.367.8822

Cereals and snacks all day long
Phone: 480.362.4800

CJ Products
My Pillow Pets
Phone: 760.724.7225

Clear Protector
Clear film for protection for electronic devices
Phone: 801.671.6997

Coast To Coast Kiosks
iPod and mobile phone accessories
Phone: 866.226.1528

Coffee Cart Biz
Coffee shops, carts & kiosks
Phone: 888.239.9155

Coffee Expressions
Coffee cafes
Phone: 877.477.2507

Color Me Beautiful
Nationally known cosmetics and skincare
Phone: 800.606.3435

Comfy Feet
House slippers for kids & adults
Phone: 888.515.6677

Concessions Manufacturing
Kettle popcorn cookers, concession trailers
Phone: 888.POPCORN

Concord Toys
Factory-direct toys
Phone: 781.441.7018

Corda-Roy’S Originals
Patented bean bag beds
Phone: 352.332.1837

Hair straighteners & accessories
Phone: 323.852.0052

Cortex International
Hair styling equipment & accessories
Phone: 877.7.Cortex

Cottage Mills
Craft accessories & photo gifts
Phone: 800.322.1270 x6

Country Club Bed Sheets
Sheet sets
Phone: 908.352.5400

The fresh alternative to fast food – crepes
Phone: 866.4.CREPES

Deb & Co.
Personalized Christmas ornaments
Phone: 866.478.6425

Deep Sea Cosmetics
Dead Sea cosmetics products
Phone: 866.539.DEEP

Deja Vu Cosmetics
Health & beauty products for face & body
Phone: 866.99.DEJAVU

Del Sol
Clothing & gifts that change color in the sun
Phone: 800.884.5815

Delightfully Yours
Christmas ornaments
Phone: 715.379.3491

Dippin Dots Franchising
Unique beads of ice cream yogurt
Phone: 270.575.6990

Protective skins for iPod, iPhone & Blackberry
Phone: 714.376.4682

Top Cart and Kiosk Start-ups: E-N

Elya Deals – Super Shammy
Absorbent towel
Phone: 800.416.9193

Embroid Now
Hats, shirts, towels, bags, etc.
Phone: 513.300.4114

Embroidery Station
Turnkey embroidery franchise
Phone: 866.394.4417

Emirimage Corp.
RC Cars, helicopters, boats, motorcycles, novelties
Phone: 866.628.3090

Enchanted World Of Boxes
Secret boxes, books, cats and fairies
Phone: 888.245.3233

Energy Inc.
Small steam iron for clothing
Phone: 915.873.4040

Enwrapture Vintage
Vintage silk wrap skirts from India
Phone: 951.302.7251

European Body Art
Airbrush temporary tattoos
Phone: 800.991.4322

Ez Refillable Candles
Personalized & easy-to-refill candles
Phone: 850.575.0921

Collegiate and professional licensed floor mats
Phone: 800.525.5923

electronic cigarettes and accessories
Phone: 888.SMOKE.51

Filthy Rich Celebrity Jewelry
World famous historic jewelry replicas
Phone: 407.256.2565

Patriotic Clothing & Gift Line
Phone: 800.955.2456

Black-and-white instant photography kiosks
Phone: 877.FOTO.QUICK

Friendly Folks
Personalized cartoon products
Phone: 800.963.6557

Friendly Songs
Personalized children’s music CDs
Phone: 800.963.6557

Fun Friends
Plush cellphone, iPod, computer mice, access.
Phone: 877.203.7185

G.S.I. Global-Mr. Fuzzy
Magic toy
Phone: 877.MR.FUZZY

Adoptable online collectible plush toys
Phone: 888.808.4442

Ginalli Milano
Hair styling equipment & accessories
Phone: 949.293.0895

Gito One Concepts, Inc
Phone Accessories
Phone: 877-411-gito

Glass Gallery
Glass home décor and gifts
Phone: 800.466.4527

Grandma Pants
Fleece and terrycloth clothing
Phone: 866.644.4973

Great American Cookies
Gourmet cookies
Phone: 770.514.4500

Child I.D. and safety products
Phone: 800.679.4256

Hair Diamond
Hair extensions & accessories
Phone: 877.846.6688

Handbag Express
Handbags & accessories
Phone: 800.616.1044

Happy Hippo Bath Co.
Epsom salted unique bath products
Phone: 888.877.7178

Hardcore Watches
Watches featuring original artwork by Steve Soffa
Phone: 951.694.1311

Heat In A Click
Innovative heating pads
Phone: 800.961.4950

Heat Makes Sense
Natural healing and beauty products
Phone: 866.833.3444

Heavens Therapy
Herbal therapy pacs & massage products
Phone: 561.901.2324

Hermit Crab Vendor
Turtles, iguanas, betas, hamsters, hermit crabs
Phone: 972.548.0688

Multiple concepts – slippers, massage mouse
Phone: 314.569.2888

His Witness Enterprises
Faith-based fragrance, bath & body, gifts
Phone: 866.820.6868

Historical Research Center
Coats of arms/family name history
Phone: 800.985.9956

RC toys, mini helis, cars, planes & more
Phone: 818.675.9000

Hollywood Smiles
On-site teeth whitening
Phone: 87.SMILE.4US

Image Sunwear
Sunglasses and accessories
Phone: 866.625.8901

Imuse Accessories
Digital library systems and accessories
Phone: 800.709.5459

Inch Of Gold
Gold by the inch
Phone: 800.854.3434

Indo Imports
Bali & beach accessories
Phone: 866.706.0597

Initials By Joseph K.
Personalized childrens furnishings & home accessories
Phone: 800.459.9627

International Art Assoc.
Art distribution
Phone: 888.278.4009

Iris Impressions
Women’s clothing
Phone: 866.920.4577

Iron Stop
The Original Wind Spinner
Phone: 866.IRON.363

Ismart Massager
Mini Ismart and XP3 massagers for use anywhere
Phone: 800.881.8155

Iso Beauty
Hair straighteners
Phone: 818.771.9359

Light steam irons
Phone: 888.357.8326

Itti Bitz
Cryogenic ice cream
Phone: 800.322.9566

Electronic device skins and accessories
Phone: 973.759.0162

Izone Sunglasses
Sunglasses, eyewear and accessories
Phone: 888.883.4878

Jewelry Queen
Fashion jewelry
Phone: 800.830.6595

JJ Accessories
Belt buckles & accessories
Phone: 610.253.0921

Joseph K & Company
Christmas ornaments & gifts
Phone: 808.593.2883

Sterling silver jewelry
Phone: 866.615.8247

Just Oxygen
Phone: 800.889.6828

Sunglasses, fashion accessories
Phone: 800.550.1231

Kariza Designs
Multi-wear apparel and accessories
Phone: 305.830.2900

Kernal Korner
Gourmet popcorn toppings
Phone: 888.877.7178

Christian T-shirts, hats, apparel, gifts, access.
Phone: 800.424.0943

Konad Usa Distribution
Konad stamping nail art
Phone: 714.736.0707

L.A. Wholesale Dist Inc.
Premium & luxury eyewear
Phone: 866.457.3937

Levy Trading
Global Whitening teeth-whitener
Phone: 323.582.6222

Linx & More
Exclusive line of personalized jewelry for all ages
Phone: 818.224.4050

Live Pos
Turnkey retail solutions
Phone: 866.800.5767

3D portraits in crystal)
Phone: +49.0.571.590.4000

Macjac Art
Gallery without conventional walls
Phone: 416.272.0535

Magic Hair Combs
Handmade hair accessories
Phone: 877.641.2662

Magic Plant
Magic bean plant
Phone: 877.801.9733

Magic Rice
Personalized rice jewelry
Phone: 800.376.8791

Magic Spinbee
Magic Spinbee floating toy & more
Phone: 888.42.MAGIC

Magic Worm
Magic worm toy
Phone: 800.498.8003

Mass Vision
High fashion sunglasses
Phone: 877.609.9968

Maui Wowi
Hawaiian coffees, smoothies and more
Phone: 877.849.6992

Personalized music and videos for kids
Phone: 800.797.7420

Embroidery and print solutions
Phone: 800.799.8313

Micabella Cosmetics
Mineral makeup
Phone: 888.640.MICA

Miche Bag
A handbag with interchangeable covers
Phone: 800.988.0813

Mini Masseuse
Portable professional hands-free massage unit
Phone: 888.840.5295

Mini Melts
Cryogenically frozen ice cream
Phone: 860.889.7300

Miracle Incense Company
Premium incense, oils and accessories
Phone: 800.777.8018

Moda Collection
Phone: 888.308.6632

Montana Artistic Impressions
Personalized jewelry & porcelain art
Phone: 866.961.3353

Mrs. Fields Cookies
Gourmet cookies
Phone: 801.736.5737

Murano Market
Murano jewelry
Phone: 800.303.5526

My Design Paintable Boots
Paintable and erasable children’s boots
Phone: 646.257.2145

My Very Own Adventure
Personalized green-screen cartoon DVDs
Phone: 866.505.MVOA

Name In The Frame/That’s Me Sports
Personalized framed art
Phone: 888.389.5437

Natural Bed Co.
Kiosk & inline organic bed stores
Phone: 330.945.6438

Nature Creation
100% natural hot/cold herb packs & more
Phone: 888.250.2010

New Concepts/Moda Cocoon
Shape enhancing undergarments for women
Phone: 786.351.2728

Home and garden ornaments, windspinners
Phone: 214.205.1965

Next Innovations
Multiple concepts – in/outdoor art, spinners, gifts
Phone: 877.725.7404

Nys Collection
Sunglasses & accessories
Phone: 800.430.4211

Top Cart and Kiosk Start-ups: O-Z

Obey Your Body
Dead Sea skincare products
Phone: 888.902.OBEY

Personalized candy bars, mintbooks, water & more
Phone: 800.306.3552

The future of skincare powder technology
Phone: 877.77.ONSEN

Ornament Central
Ornaments to personalize…or not
Phone: 800.584.4008

Outback Sheepskins
Sheepskin slippers, rugs, hats, toys
Phone: 800.468.9665

Painted Ladies Garden Art
Original garden artwork
Phone: 208.777.8724

Papaya Entertainment
Personalized eco-themed children’s videos
Phone: 800.680.1379

Peace Frogs
Peace frogs in family oriented apparel
Phone: 800.44.PEACE

Personal Touch Products
Personalized gift software and supplies
Phone: 877.593.1249

Personalized By Santa
Personalized Christmas ornaments
Phone: 888.GIFT.GIANT

Phantom Skinz
Clear protection film for cell phones & PDAs
Phone: 480.497.2965

Pizzas Of Eight
Unique turnkey pizza program
Phone: 314.454.1384

Pleasant Dreams
High-quality bedsheets
Phone: 571.285.4902

Post Card USA
Books, placemats, calendars, etc.
Phone: 954.680.1771

Premier USA
Dead Sea beauty products
Phone: 866.594.SKIN

Pretzel Time
Fresh soft pretzels
Phone: 877.NEXCEN.1

Fresh soft pretzels
Phone: 877.NEXCEN.1

Puka Creations
Jewelry & accessories
Phone: 323.233.2010

Pur Element Cosmetics
Mineral makeup
Phone: 213.353.4835

Pure Colors
All-in-one 100% pure mineral cosmetics
Phone: 303.688.8310

Puzzled, Inc.
3D wooden toys
Phone: 888.789.3533

R/C ARE US Co Ltd.
Remote controlled toys
Phone: 323.908.6894

Relax Oasis
Spa Capsule dry massages and accessories
Phone: 561.688.1413

Wellness products, toys, slippers & more
Phone: 604.879.0899

Rhinestone Ruby
Personalized flip-flops, accessories with rhinestones
Phone: 212.290.7699

Rita’s Water Ice
Fresh Italian ices
Phone: 800.677.RITA

Decorative peel-and-stick restickable room décor
Phone: 800.236.4520

Hair-styling equipment
Phone: 800.965.0302

Rudolph And Me
Best-selling resin personalized ornaments
Phone: 866.827.1400

S3B Capital LLC
Hair thickening technologies
Phone: 310.433.4822

Santa’s Pen/Joseph K.
Personalizable Christmas ornaments, holiday gifts
Phone: 800.459.9627

Savemypix.Com, Inc.
Bulk scanning of photos & slides
Phone: 888.749.4383

Sea Of Spa America
Dead Sea body and face products
Phone: 866.799.7672

Seacret Spa
Dead Sea minerals skin care line
Phone: 866.700.PURE

Seamless Wraps Llc
Vinyl wraps for vehicle & indoor/outdoor advertising
Phone: 508.345.0253

Shapes Brow Bar
Eyebrow threading, makeup & body art concept
Phone: 877.SHAPES.0

Sheepskin Gifts
Sheepskin slippers, rugs & accessories
Phone: 818.399.9710

Shoe MGK
Shoe MGK shoe care products
Phone: 877.444.7463

Shylaa Creations
Original sari wraps, direct from India
Phone: 916.342.5317

Simpson Specialty, Llc
Toy ping-pong ball shooter
Phone: 415.686.3790

Skin Kits
Protective, personalized decal vinyl skins
Phone: 877.SKIN.987

Sky Gifts-Murano Mall
Jewelry & accessories
Phone: 714.612.8879

Smoke Free
electronic cigarette
Phone: 800.653.8594

Smoking Everywhere
Electronic cigarettes and accessories
Phone: 800.613.0337

Smooth Legs
Hair removal system
Phone: 714.540.5595

Snow In Seconds
Instant artificial snow
Phone: 866.640.7605

Snow Powder
Instant artificial snow
Phone: 818.654.5256

Personalized holiday ornaments & gifts
Phone: 888.GIFT.GIANT

Solarx Eyewear
Sunglasses and eyewear accessories
Phone: 866.298.0433

South Mill Design
Makers of Phubby, wrist cubby for cell phone
Phone: 877.466.0273

Specialty Retail Sales
Personalized and collector card sport frames
Phone: 888.949.4443

Sunfeather Natural Soap Co.
Natural and organic body care
Phone: 315.265.3648

Sunrayzz Imports
Wholesale, discount & replica sunglasses
Phone: 877.733.1266

Sunshine Innovations
Wind spinners
Phone: 954.678.6708

Swisa Beauty
Dead Sea skincare products
Phone: 866.794.7252

Swyrich Corporation
Coats of Arms and name histories
Phone: 800.265.7099

Tat International
Temporary airbrush tattoos
Phone: 800.280.8198

Team Heads
Unique sports-team plush hats & more
Phone: 888.554.1350

Tees For Fun
Great t-shirts with fun sayings
Phone: 832.257.9422

Airbrush body art, stencil paints
Phone: 888.9.TEMPTU

The Back Rubber
Vending massage chairs
Phone: 866.919.8363

The Carriage Works
Designer/manufacturer of carts & kiosks
Phone: 541.882.0700

The Coffee Beanery
Coffee cafes
Phone: 800.441.2255

The Jewelry Factory Of America
Spirit, teams and themes jewelry
Phone: 918.369.5030

The Next Hot Toy
Hot toys
Phone: 323.230.5573

The Old Orchard Potpourri Pie
Potpourri pie, real dough, Michigan-made
Phone: 269.646.9823

The Orginal Butterfly Comb
Hair accessories
Phone: 210.451.0371

The Secret Of The Himalayan
Himalayan skincare products
Phone: 866.794.7252

The Sports Scene
Sports collectibles and memorabilia
Phone: 570.881.4814

The Sunglass Co./Holiday Prod
Phone: 443.421.0485

The Water Beads
water beads
Phone: 954.632.0747

Tickers Watch And Clock Co.
Fashion watches and clocks
Phone: 866.669.2604

Tol Products
Etre, Jose Eber, Institute of Instant Beauty, more
Phone: 818.504.0057

Tooks International
Hats with built-in headphones
Phone: 888.820.3220

Toy Town
Remote controlled & battery operated toys
Phone: 713.783.1001

Triple Image Cosmetics
All-natural nail and skincare products
Phone: 800.987.9999

Unique Skins
Custom mobile phone gel skins
Phone: 248.225.3799

UJ Trading
Phone: 800.536.2691

US Jaclean
Health & wellness, massage & fitness products
Phone: 310.538.2298

We’re Rolling Pretzel Factory
Hand-rolled soft pretzels
Phone: 888.549.7655

What A Smoke
Electronic cigarettes and accessories
Phone: 877.288.9120

White Science
Teeth whitening service and products
Phone: 866.709.4483

Wild Creations
Eco-aquariums and accessories
Phone: 843.448.8880

Winner Wireless/Diva
Cell phone covers with bling
Phone: 888.239.5864

Wood Roses USA
Wood roses and accessories
Phone: 888.949.4443

World Of Soccer
Licensed soccer jerseys from around the world
Phone: 888.827.0325

Wow Smile Xpress
Cosmetic teeth-whitening products
Phone: 561.381.5115

X8 Body Hardware
Body piercing supplies
Phone: 800.716.4626

Zikzok USA
Collection of fashion jewelry
Phone: 305.652.3555

Zippy Rides
Animal ride mall play areas for children, parents
Phone: 866.739.3947