15+ Grocery Store Senior Discount To Save More Than 15%!

Senior citizens who are struggling to make ends meet can avail of a variety of discounts and improve their standard of living. With looming inflation, some grocery stores have discontinued or altered their discount policies. So if you are a senior citizen, with a fixed income, and looking to save some money on groceries, you will find many grocery store senior discounts across the US, ranging from 5% to 10% of the total amount. Read on to learn more about which US grocery stores offer such discounts!

Quick Summary

There are multiple grocery stores in the US that have introduced special discounts for seniors in the community. Some prominent names like Albertsons, Hy-Vee, Fry, and Grocery Outlet offer as much as 10% off food on particular days while there are some stores that give up to 15% discount.

What Stores Give Senior Discounts? 

Grocery StoreDiscount OfferedDays AvailableAge Requirement
Albertsons10% off1st Wednesday of month in Southwest locations and 1st Thursday in intermountain locations55+
Publix5% offStores around Charlotte, North Carolina offer discount on Wednesday60+
Fred Meyer10% offFirst Tuesday of month55+
Safeway10% offFirst Wednesday of month62+
ShopRite5% – 10% offTuesday or Wednesday depending on store location60+
Hy-Vee5% offWednesday or Thursdays55+
American Discount Foods10% offMondays62+
Fry10% offFirst Wednesday of month55+
Community Markets5%-10% offEvery Tuesday60+
DeCicco Family Market5%  offEvery Wednesday62+
Family Fare5%  offEvery Wednesday65+
Basha’s Supermarket10% offFirst Wednesday of month55+
Gristedes Supermarket10% offEvery Tuesday65+
Harris Teeter5% offEvery Thursday60+
New Seasons Market10% offEvery Wednesday65+
Piggly Wiggly5% Every Wednesday60+
Uncle Giuseppe Market5% offEvery Wednesday65+
Grocery Outlet10% offEvery Tuesday60+
Weis Markets10% off on Weis merchandiseEvery Tuesday60+
Tops6% off on groceries and up to 10% off on out-of-pocket prescription purchases1st Tuesday of the month60+
Tony’s Fresh MarketVaries on the locationMostly on Tuesdays62+
Concord Food Co-op15% offTuesdays and Sundays62+
Bi-Lo5% offEvery Wednesday60+
Brookshire’s5% offTuesdays and Thursdays60+

As we age, limited income encourages us to cut down grocery costs to save for emergencies. If you are above the age of 55 or 60, chances are you can avail of senior citizen discounts. So, let’s dive in and explore which stores give senior discounts!


As a leading grocery store chain, Albertsons allows senior customers above the age of 55 to avail of a 10% discount on groceries. The discount applies to the majority of the items in the store, with a few exceptions like tobacco, lottery tickets, and gift cards. However, the day on which you can avail of the discount will vary based on your store location. Seniors residing near Intermountain Albertsons locations will get the discount on the first Thursday of the month. On the other hand, Southwest locations offer senior citizen discounts on the first Wednesday of the month. 

To avail of the discount, you must carry a valid ID at checkout.


In December 2017, Publix discontinued their senior discount at the Alabama and Tennessee stores. However, Publix shoppers above the age of 60 can still avail of a 5% discount at their stores around Charlotte, North Carolina. These elderly citizens will be offered a discount on Wednesday.

The grocery chain has eliminated grocery store senior discounts to encourage the number of weekly BOGOs accessible. Do not miss out on this exciting “buy one, get one free” deal. Moreover, after you are done with the purchase, keep in mind that Publix has wrong price policy that you can avail of to claim for any refund.

Fred Meyer 

Seniors, 55 and above, can now enjoy a 10% markdown on regular-price items on the first Tuesday of the month when shopping at Fred Meyer. However, the senior discount is not offered on ALL the products. Candy, cosmetics, and electronics are some of the exclusions listed on their official website.  This supermarket facilitates seniors to find lower prices, allowing them to cut down costs. You can also benefit from weekly digital coupons, price-match guarantee, and cash back savings. The discount is applicable on most items in the store including accessories, apparel, shoes, and the majority of electronics. Remember you cannot buy except Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles using these discounts. 


Senior shoppers love to avail discounts, which is why Safeway allows customers above the age of 62 to redeem 10% on total purchases. American senior citizens can take advantage of the discount on the first Wednesday of every month. The discount details are usually advertised through in-store signage and fliers. Using digital and printable coupons is another way to cut down grocery costs when shopping at Safeway. Senior customers do not get to avail of the year-round senior discount. Moreover, the coupon is not valid for online purchases. 


If you reside in the Northeast, you might be familiar with ShopRite. This grocery store chain proposes a senior discount program for customers who are 60 years or older. Senior citizens will only be able to leverage the discount on Tuesday. The discount varies by location, but it’s usually between 5% and 10% off the total purchase. 

Given that the stores are owned privately, the discount policy shows variation. For example, seniors in New York can use the discount on Wednesday. On the contrary, the store in Maryland gives a 5% discount, only when the items purchased total $50 or more. For this reason, call your nearest Shoprite store to confirm the discount policy in your neighborhood. 


As a leading retail chain, Hy-Vee has been serving customers for decades. The Senior Discount program provides an excellent method to save on everyday purchases. The wide assortment of health and wellness products along with groceries lets senior citizen shop under one roof while benefitting from 5-10% discount.

The minimum age for eligibility is 55+. Senior shoppers should make the purchase on Wednesdays or Thursdays. To avail Hy-Vee senior discount, you will have to provide a valid ID and a document issued by the government that states: your full name, date of birth, birth certificate, and passport. 

American Discount Foods 

If you’re 62 years or older, you can enjoy a 10% discount on all regularly priced items every Monday. American Discount Foods has 2 locations in Meza, Arizona; both of which provide high-quality products at affordable prices. 

Furthermore, American Discount Foods provides daily deals on selected products. For senior citizens who love to save money, checking out American Discount Foods for some great deals on groceries will cut your costs drastically. Do not confuse manufacturer coupons with senior discounts as the store will not cater to those deals. 


Fry’s is another grocery store chain in Arizona that offers a senior discount in 2023. Customers who are 55 years or older can avail a 10% discount on their groceries every first Wednesday of the month. Fry does not limit the discount to groceries. It extends to pet foods and supplies, meat and seafood, books, bakery, cleaning supplies, and apparel. The discount applies to most items in the store, with a few exceptions like alcohol, tobacco, and gift cards. To receive the discount, seniors will HAVE to show their ID at checkout as proof.

Community Markets 

Senior customers can now purchase discounted products from Community Market if they are 60+. Typically, the store offers 5% off of total purchases but it can increase on selected items. Community Markets have allotted Tuesdays for senior citizens discounts. They mainly cater to the elderly in Ohio, with 17 locations across the state. 

DeCicco Family Market

Wednesdays have just gotten better if you shop at DeCicco Family Market. Even though the grocery store senior discount will vary by store and location, it allows customers over 62 years to redeem 5% off their purchase. Shopping on Wednesday will help elderly citizens save thousands of dollars over time. 

In order to get this discount, you will need DeCicco Preferred card. The store has a strict discount policy, which is why you must carry a valid ID for proof of age. 

Family Fare 

Offering a senior discount program in the Midwest, Family Fare celebrates Senior Wednesday every week. This grocery chain allows customers who are above 65 years of age to avail 5% discount on most of the items. However, you can only avail of this discount on in-store purchases. 

Family Fare has a fairly easy policy when it comes to giving senior discounts. Using a regular checkout, a store associate will automatically apply this discount. Moreover, senior citizens do not require any coupons; helping them avoid unnecessary hassle. Contrasting with other grocery chains, this store does not require an ID to validate your age.

The best part: you can use the discount with other promotions and weekly sales, maximizing savings in your golden years. 

Basha’s Supermarket 

Basha’s, an Arizona-based grocery store, is a one-stop shop for essential grocery items. Whether you are looking for freshly baked goods or canned items, this store is your go-to spot in an attempt to facilitate senior citizens, this supermarket celebrates Basha’s Senior Discount Day on the first Wednesday of every month. Shoppers above the age of 55 are eligible for a 10% discount in a single transaction. Alcohol and tobacco are excluded from senior discounts. To verify your age, the store is likely to ask for an ID. In addition, you will have to the store’s Thank You card. 

Gristedes Supermarket 

Gristedes Supermarket is a grocery store chain in New York City that offers a senior discount program for customers who are 65 years or older. Senior customers are allowed a 10% discount on any purchase made on Tuesday. With 10 locations that are open to serve customers from 7 a.m. – 10 p.m., this supermarket never disappoints!

Harris Teeter

Headquartered in North Carolina, Harris Teeter provides excellent discounts all year-round for seniors. In its earlier years, this grocery chain encouraged senior shoppers to make purchases from 6 a.m. to 7 a.m. by waiving delivery fees. As of 2023, Harris Teeter adjusted their policy and offers a 5% discount, every Thursday for shoppers over the age of 60 years. These discounts are not applicable on:

  • Fuel
  • Pharmacy
  • Tickets
  • Gift cards

To further benefit and increase your savings pool, seniors are advised to sign up for the Rewards World Elite Mastercard. It will help them earn massive rewards and also offer cash back on several purchases. Moreover, it is imperative to have a VIC card that will give you access to various promotions. 

New Seasons Market 

Seniors above the age of 65 love to shop at New Seasons Market as they can avail of a 10% discount on the majority of the items available in the store. This exclusive senior discount is offered every Wednesday, allowing the citizens to enjoy their fixed income to the fullest. Catering to the West Coast, New Seasons Market aids seniors in Portland, California, Washington, and Oregon to relish their savings. 

Piggly Wiggly 

Varying by location, Piggly Wiggly offers numerous discount options for adult customers above the age of 60 years. The grocery chain has its major operations in the Southern US, helping senior citizens lower their cost of living. Typically, you can avail a 5% discount (on most items) and 10% (on select items) on Wednesday. Each Piggly Wiggly location has different owners, which might alter the grocery store’s senior discount policy. It is recommended that you call your nearest outlet and verify the current discount offers.

Uncle Giuseppe Marketplace 

For seniors who want a great shopping experience, excellent customer service, and affordability; they must opt for Uncle Giuseppe Marketplace. Seniors will have an enjoyable experience at discounted prices, without having to sacrifice product quality. 

The store offers an Exclusive Special Discount to seniors. You will have to visit the nearest outlet and show a valid ID to the customer service representative. Senior citizens will only have to sign up once to avail of the promotions and senior discount day every Wednesday. 

Seniors aged 65 and older can receive big savings on high-quality American and Italian foods. Even though the 5% discount might not seem much; it adds a significant value to a fixed income. 

Grocery Outlet 

If you’re looking to save some money on your grocery bill, be sure to check out Grocery Outlet and take advantage of their senior discount program. With over 400 stores, this massive grocery chain has independently owned stores across the US. Typically, these stores encourage senior customers to shop by offering a 10% discount every Tuesday. However, the independent owners might change discount days or percentages. You must verify the discount options in your locality.  

Weis Markets 

Serving customers in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New York among other states, Weis market enables senior shoppers to avail discounts. Customers who are 60+ years receive a 10% discount on participating Weis brand products. You don’t have to worry about not finding the product you want to purchase in the discount category because Weis has approximately 6000 items under its name. This discount can be availed only on Tuesdays after you show valid identification. 


Tops celebrate the first Tuesday of every month as “young at heart days”. It is exclusively designed for shoppers above the age of 60, promoting special discounts for the elderly. Seniors can avail of 6% off on their groceries and get access to some prescription purchases. 

To receive the discount, seniors need to present a valid Tops BonusPlus card and ID that shows their age at checkout. Moreover, they can also earn Tops’ GasPoints rewards through their purchase. These points can be redeemed for discounts on gas. It’s a great way for seniors to save money on their grocery bills.

Tony’s Fresh Market 

Seniors who are 62 years or older can avail of discounts on six locations of Tony’s Fresh Market. After validating your age with the customer support service, you can receive 5% off on any purchase except for front-page sale items and liquor. Normally, Countryside, Prospect Heights, Bolingbrook, Glendale Heights, and Round Lake Beach offer these discounts on Tuesdays. 

Concord Food Co-op

Citizens who are 62 years or older can receive a senior discount at Concord Food Co-op, a natural food store chain. Along with an excellent shopping experience and high-quality products, seniors in New Hampshire can save 15% off their purchases. You can avail of these discounts on regular-priced items on Tuesday and Sunday. 

However, you will have to complete an application to validate that you are eligible for a senior discount and a current owner card to get reduced-price products. 


Bi-Lo is a grocery store chain in the Southeastern US, that offers a senior discount program for elderly citizens above the age of 60. This chain requires you to fill out a form, which will make a Senior Bonus Card. After approval, you can utilize this card to avail 5% off on your purchases every Wednesday. 


Brookshire offers a Thank card that helps seniors above the age of 60, avail of 5% off their purchases. Every Tuesday and Thursday, seniors can ask for these discounts at the checkout. The discounts are not applicable on certain products, including:

  • Gift cards
  • Stamps
  • Drug prescriptions
  • Dairy products etc. 

Other Ways to Save Money When Grocery Shopping 

Living on a fixed income can become a challenge for the elderly, especially with an increased chance of getting sick. You can easily slash your grocery bill in half by incorporating the following techniques:

Planning your grocery trip will help seniors avoid impulse purchases. When you plan and devise a grocery list, it allows you to research the best deals available. To create a sizeable difference, you can also avoid buying name brands. Consequently, you might have to change where you shop to sync with your financial goals. 

Using coupons and investing in store membership programs will allow you to reduce your expenses. Moreover, seniors can maximize their returns by earning cash back. Weekly promotions and sales, loyalty programs, and planning ahead can drastically improve your savings. 

Key Takeaways 

  • Elderly citizens across the US can use Senior discount days as an effective money-saving strategy, especially on a fixed income. 
  • Albertsons, Basha’s Supermarket, Fred Meyer, and Hy-vee are some of the prominent grocery store chains that have a minimum age requirement to avail of senior discounts. 
  • Enjoy the highest senior discount percentage at Concord Food Co-op as it offers a 15% reduction for seniors. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Publix senior discount offer ending?

Publix grocery store has discontinued the 5% discount it was offering previously. Effective from 27th Dec 2022, the store shifted its strategy to facilitate senior citizens. Grocery store senior discount is swapped with BOGO throughout the store. This change is seen at their Alabama and Tennessee locations. However, the stores in North Carolina are still offering a 5% discount for seniors.

What is Kroger senior discount day?

Kroger used to offer senior discounts every first Tuesday of the month. Even though the majority of Kroger outlets discontinued this policy in 2023, other outlets are still offering a 10% discount. It is best to call and confirm the policy that applies in your nearby outlet. 

What stores give senior discounts at 55?

There are several grocery stores that offer age-based discounts to senior citizens, facilitating them to save more. Kroger, Albertsons, Fred Meyer, Fry, and Basha’s Supermarket are some of the prominent grocery chains that offer discounts for those aged 55+.