McDonald’s Student Discount (Deals To Save As Much As $10)

You might love McDonald’s but dread paying the total price. Is that true? Well, there’s something good coming your way if you are a college student! You can get your favorite burgers, fries, and drinks with some massive discounts at the McDonald’s participating locations. Let me show you how to use Mcdonald’s student discount to save some bucks.

Quick Summary

Students can get the McDonald’s discount by simply showing a college ID or uploading relevant information with the McDonald’s app. With the Rewards Tab of the app, students are eligible for additional offers and discounts no matter which individual educational institution they belong to. Students also have alternatives beyond McDonald’s to extend their dining-out discounts, including Subway, Burger King, etc.

How Can I Get A McDonald’s College Student Discount?

Just show your student card at the store or counter through Student Beans online to get your complimentary meal.

Using the McDonald’s Student Discount, you can access a jackpot of discounts and tastes. To get a free McFlurry, cheeseburger, or Mayo Chicken, buy an extra-value or a wrap meal.

Take advantage of this fantastic deal that acknowledges your academic journey!

McDonald’s Student Discount In App

You can’t take benefit of the student discount when you use the McDonald’s Mobile Order & Pay app as there is no way to select it. That’s why it does not apply to your whole order.

But there is a way out!

Pay at your local McDonald’s in person while showing your student ID to get the discounts. It’s a terrific way of indulging in a delicious meal while reaping the pleasures of being a college student.

Can All Students Avail McDonald’s Discount?

Yes! A discount of 10% on your total order is available at select McDonald’s locations. Although it may not seem like a lot, savings can add up quickly.

You only need to display your student ID to get this discount. But keep an eye on it to verify in advance because specific locations might offer something other than this deal.

The rewards of a more affordable purchase are yours to enjoy when you show your student ID. Every cent saved counts, after all!

Tips! Other Ways Students Can Save Money At McDonald’s

Students who want to save, listen out! Brace yourself for learning some smart tips that will immediately boost your savings!

Use The App

There is no exclusive student discount on the McDonald’s app, but we have you! The app still offers lots of delicious freebies and special deals.

Be on the watch for new discounts that show up often, like exciting buy-one-get-one-free deals and giveaways that may be redeemed without placing an order. Also, when you register for the app, you will get a coupon for a complimentary sandwich or breakfast offer at McDonald’s.

There’s more to come, folks! The app rewards program gives even more giveaways with every order you place. So the more significant your spending, the more your savings will be. So, start installing the app immediately if you aren’t interested in missing out on these appealing offers.

Get To The Rewards Tab

Enter the world of the McDonald’s app, where its Rewards section surprises you with loyalty points for each dollar that you spend at the fast-food café.

Many complimentary meals wait for you as you reach the mark of 1,500 points, that’s equal to just $15 spending.

Also, the points you earn from McDonald’s, rise with every order you make, offering you a great chance to redeem them for incredible, valuable treats from the desirable McDonald’s menu.

McDonald’s Newsletter

You can enlist in the McDonald’s newsletter for exciting offers too. 

It not only unveils exclusive savings and coupons but also allows you to be the trailblazer in discovering new menu items and special promotions. Join the newsletter and unlock a realm of student-centric benefits at McDonald’s.

Fill out The Survey Receipt 

Use every opportunity to complete the receipt survey if you are an intelligent scholar seeking discounts at McDonald’s.

You will get a golden ticket for a complimentary meal of your choice. Fries, sandwiches, drinks, and hash browns are all accessible in this favorable world! Just enter the receipt number on the survey page, give answers to a couple of questions, and after that, you can get your reward.

McCafe Loyalty Program

You are also eligible for a beautiful reward by registering for the McCafé Loyalty Program. You will get a complimentary McCafé coffee after you complete just five orders. These tempting drinks mimic flavorful desserts and are ideal to savor on hot summer days.

20-Piece Chicken McNuggets

Although McNuggets are affordable, you should pick the lavish offer of the 20-piece over the smaller counterparts as it has more favorable pricing.

This option becomes even more helpful to students as it offers a quality meal for future snacking sessions. Further, if I break down the figures, the 20-piece shows just $.27 for each nugget, whereas the 4-piece requires $.50 per nugget, showing the win of mass economics.

Sundae With Toppings Over A McFlurry

Skip the temptation of McFlurry and pick a sundae loaded with appealing toppings instead for the sake of your wallet.

The sundae also comes with the yummy treat of hot fudge or hot caramel, not offered with the McFlurry. This sundae, embellished with toppings, offers a notable savings of about $3 at each visit.

Similar Stores That Offer Student Discounts 

  • Subway, which draws customers with a hefty 10% discount, especially for students, and Burger King offers the same great offer.
  •  Then, Wingstop enters the generous club by providing a tasty 10% student discount.
  •  Now you can enjoy your favorite wings at Buffalo Wild Wings as they are open to giving students an attractive 10% discount.
  •  The Shake Shack offers its unique twist to the equation and also promises an attractive student discount.
  •  Firehouse Subs also promotes academic achievement by offering students an ideal 10% discount.
  •  Lastly, Waffle House’s inviting doors are open, giving a 10% discount to the students.

Key Takeaways

  • Students can easily benefit from special discounts and deals by getting access to the McDonald’s Student Discount using the McDonald’s app or by displaying an official student ID.
  •  If a student has a valid ID, the discount offer is open irrespective of his educational institution or degree. 
  •  Students might use insightful tips, like using the app to get promos or participating in the McCafé Loyalty Program for more discounts or free meals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is KFC Student Discount Better Than McDonald’s? 

The student discount at KFC is an excellent pick if you’re looking for savings for many items. McDonald’s student discount could be a better choice if you’re hoping for a discount on something specific.

Other student offers and discounts are also offered at KFC and McDonald’s. For instance, KFC offers away a complimentary popcorn chicken on Tuesdays with any order of $5 or above. In contrast, McDonald’s offers a complimentary Happy Meal with an adult meal on Wednesdays.

What Is McDonald’s Free Mcflurry Code?

There must be an active code to get a free McFlurry in the US. Check their website, install their app, follow their social media, or ask at your local restaurant to learn more about their latest offers.

How can I get free fries at McDonald’s?

For a chance to get your free large Fries with a $1 minimal purchase, install the McDonald’s app and register for MyMcDonald’s Rewards. When you are signed up for McDonald’s Rewards, you will also be getting points with each eligible order that you can use to buy more free meals.

What is the Taco Bell student discount strategy?

Taco Bell gives a 15% meal discount for students. It’s certainly worthwhile for a shot, though this discount isn’t always available at all locations. You need to show your student ID to get a discount of 15% on your meals.

Does McDonald’s offer unlimited complimentary Coke refills?

It is valid only for 60 minutes after your order purchase. One must wait in the regular queue at the front counter of the eatery when requesting a refill. Also, for the refill, you’ll have to show your receipt. The refills are no more valid after a customer has left the vicinity of the café.