Does Walmart Sell Ebay Gift Cards? 7 Best, No-Scam Sellers

Are you keen to get an eBay gift card but need to know if Walmart is the solution to your shopping calls? Do not look further! I have something interesting in stock for everyone wondering does Walmart sell eBay gift cards. So, be ready for an intriguing shopping excursion with all the solutions you have been seeking for!

Quick Summary

You cannot get eBay gift cards at Walmart. However, customers have alternatives since there is a wide range of gift cards that Walmart offers from multiple retailers. Moreover, eBay gift cards can be bought at various other stores, in-store and online. These include Albertsons and Walgreens. eBay gift cards usually have no expiry dates.

Can I Buy Ebay Gift Cards At Walmart?

Walmart does not sell eBay gift cards. This goes for online and offline services, including, Walmart Stores, and Neighborhood Markets.

Yet there is a bright side! The gift cards from Visa and MasterCard can be found at Walmart, which might serve as an excellent alternative. You can buy all-purpose gift cards from Walmart and then use them for buying on eBay.

Reasons Why Walmart Does Not Sell Ebay Gift Cards

If we look at the scale of Walmart’s competitors, eBay and Amazon, it seems reasonable that Walmart decides not to sell gift cards for them.

Walmart has yet to reply straight away to this query. However, it makes sense that they refrain from offering eBay gift cards because they do not sell Amazon gift cards. Walmart can defend its business stakes and avoid revenue loss from this intended strategy.

Can I Buy an eBay Gift Card With a Walmart Gift Card?

Walmart gift cards are not eligible for purchasing eBay gift cards as they can only be used at Walmart stores or website.

An alternative approach is out there, although. You can buy a Walmart Visa or MasterCard gift card, granting you the liberty to buy an eBay gift card from another retailer.

Certain stores might limit buying gift cards with other gift cards. Therefore it is important to verify these rules before proceeding.

List of Gift Cards You Can Buy At Walmart

  • Walmart
  •  MasterCard
  •  Visa
  •  Apple
  •  Xbox
  •  Starbucks
  •  AMC
  •  Sam’s Club
  •  Domino’s
  •  Dunkin Donuts
  •  Chick Fil A
  •  PlayStation
  •  Chipotle
  •  Google Play
  •  Disney
  •  DoorDash
  •  Lyft
  •  Netflix
  •  Hulu
  •  Uber Eats

Other than that, there are a handful of gift cards you can buy at Walmart with the store’s gift card. For example, you can use a Walmart gift card to purchase Dutch Bro gift card.

Who Sells Ebay Gift Cards?

eBay gift cards are available in multiple denominations, which include popular options such as $25, $50, or $100 gift cards. Moreover, apart from Walmart, there are many other stores where one can buy eBay gift cards.


Albertsons is an excellent choice to get eBay gift cards. It usually has various gift cards, like the popular eBay gift cards.

This supermarket company generally facilitates the country’s western region with about 400 outlets scattered over 15 states and 225 cities. Many customers consider the convenience that comes with purchasing a gift card as they’re doing their groceries to be desirable, making Albertsons their go-to shop for such transactions.

Best Buy

Both online and in-store, Best Buy offers a simple way to buy various gift cards, especially eBay.

Those who opt not to shop in a physical store take advantage of this liberty. You can also get the gift card online and pick it up in-store when your item has been packed.

The United States hosts over 1,000 Best Buy places, and its website makes it simple to locate the one nearest to you. With this straightforward procedure, Best Buy assures an effortless experience when buying gift cards from several restaurants and stores, like eBay.


You can buy eBay gift cards at several Walgreens stores with an exclusive gift card division.

Walgreens operates over 9,000 sites in all 50 states, making it simple to find an outlet locally. However, it does not sell the gift cards online.

If you’re unsure if the Walgreens in your vicinity offers gift cards, you may find out whether eBay gift cards are accessible there, along with any additional choices they are likely to have available, by giving them a quick telephone call.

Dollar General

Dollar General offers an array of gift cards, like eBay gift cards, in their selection.

With over 18,000 stores located throughout 47 states, Dollar General offers simple access to many people.

To discover if eBay gift cards are available in your region, contact the Dollar General store immediately if any exist. Then use the site’s stature to your benefit. Check if you can purchase eBay gift cards at your nearby Dollar General.


Safeway provides an extensive line of gift cards, like eBay gift cards, to meet all the needs of many of its clients.

If there is no Albertson’s shop in your area, Safeway, an Albertson’s affiliate, serves as an alternate option.

Shoppers in those regions have easy availability of Safeway’s items courtesy of the nearly 900 stores. Most of the stores are located on the west coast. However, Safeway has a few random locations near the east coast, so it’s important to remember that. With their widespread reach, Safeway can satisfy all your gift card requirements, especially eBay.

Rite Aid

eBay gift cards are easily accessible in the gift card aisle in various Rite Aid locations.

In 17 separate states, Rite Aid manages over 2,300 stores that cater to its customers. Therefore, Rite Aid will likely sell eBay gift cards at several price points, considering the broad range of gift card substitutes they now possess.

You may additionally choose over purchasing a gift card in the defined amount. Please take advantage of Rite Aid’s worldwide reach by exploring its wide selection covering all your gift card conditions, especially eBay.


Given its extensive network of over 1,100 outlets across 49 states, Kohl’s is among the best choices for purchasing eBay gift cards.

It’s very important to remember that Kohl’s cannot now provide online shopping for eBay gift cards, which means you must purchase them in-store.

However, nearly all Kohl’s locations offer eBay gift cards for purchase, making for a handy shopping experience. To get eBay gift cards while taking benefit of their wide selection, go to the Kohl’s store that is the closest for you.


Customers can pick from several gift cards at Kroger, notably ones for eBay. When there isn’t a Kroger outlet where you live, check into the options of nearby subsidiaries because they might also be selling eBay gift cards.

With over 2,700 stores nationwide, Kroger, one of the major supermarket chains in the US, is an important employer. Lots of popular brands can be found in the subsidiaries of Kroger, namely Ralph’s, Fry’s, Food 4 Less, Smith’s Food and Drug, Mariano’s, Metro Market, Fred Meyer, and Ruler Foods.

With so many options, it’s simple to discover eBay gift cards at Kroger and its subsidiary places, satisfying all your gift card needs.

United States Post Office

The opportunity to buy gift cards, such as those that cover different eateries and shops like eBay, is accessible at many United States Post Office facilities.

Considering there are post offices in nearly every town, this makes an excellent way to obtain an eBay gift card whenever needed. For a list of all the available gift cards, search for a special location or wait within the post office location.

 Feel free to ask the staff members there for help if you need help obtaining an eBay gift card; they will be delighted to be there. Utilize United States Post Office facilities to address your eBay gift card with their availability and ease.

Office Depot

Office Depot offers an excellent selection of gift cards that can be bought, like eBay gift cards.

The advantage of buying eBay gift cards can be found at most Office Depot retail outlets. However, Office Depot is probably one of many companies you consider when contemplating gift card shopping.

Office Depot gives thorough customer service with over 1,000 sites around the United States. Use Office Depot’s popularity and a wide variety of gift card choices by considering Office Depot as a possible supplier of eBay gift cards.

Moreover, apart from these stores, some other retailers selling eBay gift cards include:

  • Target
  •  Staples
  •  7 Eleven
  •  CVS

Do Ebay Gift Cards Have an Expiry Date?

The plus side of eBay gift cards is that they do not have an expiration date.

In other words, it is still usable if you lose one and come across it many years later. Many people save their eBay gift cards for some time before purchasing since they still determine what they will buy. However, you can use those gift cards any time you want.

Also, unlike a few other gift cards, eBay gift cards do not have any extra charges. Have the liberty of spending your eBay gift cards however you like without worrying about expiration or extra charges!

Are Ebay Gift Cards Available For Any Amount?

According to the store where you make your purchase, various eBay gift cards are available in various amounts.

It’s probable the gift cards come in preset values in certain conditions. You can reach your preferred amount, still, by buying multiple gift cards, provided you have an exact number in mind.

Remember that many locations have a $500 per gift card limit, yet other retailers may let you buy just one gift card for the required amount.

If you’d like to buy over five hundred dollars worth of gift cards, you can get around this limit by purchasing several $500 gift cards until you hit the total amount you want to spend. This approach lets you effectively modify your eBay gift card order amount according to your needs.

Can I Buy an eBay Gift Card Online?

A simple alternative for going to an in-person store is all the different e-commerce sites that allow users to buy digital eBay gift cards.

The option to buy eBay gift cards is wider than the company’s main website. But it’s essential to be careful and ensure you only buy eBay gift cards online from reputable vendors.

To lower your risk of being subjected to fraud or scams, refrain from purchasing products from unauthorized retailers or persons. When purchasing digital eBay gift cards, keep the security of the transactions you make online first by counting only on reliable suppliers.

Can I Buy an eBay Gift Card With a Credit Card?

Regardless of where you purchase them, buying eBay gift cards is extremely simple, as you can do it using a credit card.

You can buy eBay gift cards using any verified credit card, notwithstanding some worries that they need a debit card or money for their purchases.

Due to this flexibility, acquiring an eBay gift card is convenient and simple since one can utilize any picked payment approach. So, experience the convenience of picking a payment method and buying an eBay gift card without getting upset with any significant credit card.

Does Ebay Redeem Gift Cards For Cash?

eBay thoroughly adheres to its rule of refraining from letting users redeem gift cards for money except if authorized by the corresponding law.

Gift cards on eBay are limited to transact on the eBay site. If you believe that the rules in your state provide you with the right to make reimbursement for gift cards, look up your state’s gift card regulations for more details.

You must bear in mind, though, that none of the gift cards may be returned for cash under eBay’s guidelines.

There are rules set up in several regions, which include California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Montana, New Jersey, Oregon, Rhode Island, Texas, Vermont, and Washington, that allow users to exchange gift cards for money when they reach an established limit.

For example, California sets its highest requirement at $10, though several other states have established considerably lower limits, like $2.50 within Texas and $1.00 for Vermont. If you’d like to use your gift card to buy something with cash, it’s essential to be aware of the regulations in your region to see if you’re allowed that option.

Does Ebay Refund Its Gift Cards?

Gift cards at eBay are not refundable, much like other gift cards. There is no way of receiving reimbursement for the money used from the gift card once you’ve completed the purchase.

Realizing that the value can’t be removed from the gift card since it has already been loaded, this is the situation. If you reconsider your opinion, you’ll find websites that allow you to resell your gift cards, although you must remember that what you receive in return is less than the gift card’s actual worth.

Consider all possibilities cautiously when buying an eBay gift card, as refunds or whole returns are often unavailable once the transaction is complete.

Tip! Ensure Your eBay Gift Cards are Safe and Avoid Scams

It’s essential to ensure that you purchase an eBay gift card from an authorized seller.

The gift card can be obtained from trustworthy big-name retailers, stores, or eBay. Refrain from getting an eBay gift card from people looking to resell them online or via third-party sellers.

Assessing these gift cards’ authenticity could be challenging and expose you to counterfeiters. It’s critical to recognize that eBay is not accountable for the replacement or compensation of the gift card if you, unfortunately, become a victim of an internet scam that involves an eBay gift card.

However, you must notify what happened immediately. Inform eBay customer service of the situation, give any relevant communications with the vendor, and remember the gift card number.

Submitting a complaint regarding the event to the FTC is also suggested to get additional assistance.

The FTC is keen on serving consumers in such instances and can ask for additional details to investigate the matter properly. Ensure you safeguard yourself and others by immediately buying eBay gift cards from reliable retailers and disclosing any potential scams.

Key Takeaways

  • Walmart does not offer eBay gift cards. You must buy something other than eBay gift cards directly from Walmart or
  •  There are additional locations where you may purchase eBay gift cards online and offline, like Walgreens and Target.
  •  They have no expiration date but can’t be exchanged for cash, and reimbursements are usually not offered. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How should I report a problem with Walmart gift cards?

Try contacting the customer support line on the backside of your Walmart gift card if you are experiencing difficulties. Customers can also contact Walmart straight on the phone at 1-800-WALMART.

Why is my gift card from Walmart not working?

Gift cards from Walmart that cost above $250 need to be activated first. However, the rest of the Walmart gift cards bought for less than $250 require no activation and should start working immediately. Also, contact the customer support number on the backside of the gift card if you’re experiencing difficulties using it.

Where Can I Buy a $200 Ebay Gift Card Near Me?

A $200 eBay gift card is available in the USA at various retailers, like Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and CVS. Moreover, eBay gift cards usually appear in these stores’ special gift card categories.

Also, you can often find eBay gift cards in the gift card stands or near the checkout lanes at stores such as Kroger, Safeway, and Publix. You can also find eBay gift cards at certain convenience stores, including Circle K and 7-Eleven. If you prefer online shopping, you may buy eBay gift cards from websites including Amazon, PayPal, and

Can you use an eBay gift card on PayPal?

Gift cards from eBay are only applicable on eBay. A gift card from eBay is not eligible to pay through PayPal.

PayPal purchases must be carried out with debit and credit cards or bank accounts, regardless of being aware that both companies are linked.

However, you no longer serve the purpose of having a PayPal account if you want to make use of an eBay gift card as a method of payment. It does not matter if you’ve got a PayPal account; you can use an eBay gift card to make your purchase.

Does Walgreens sell eBay gift cards?

Walgreens provides eBay gift cards for online purchases. The Walgreens website lets you buy digital as well as physical gift cards.

Does Kroger sell eBay gift cards?

Yes, you can easily buy eBay gift cards from Kroger as they let their customers have them in their exclusive gift card section.

Does Target sell eBay gift cards?

You can get eBay Gift Cards at Target for very low prices that you will love. Pick between drive-up, order pickup, or immediate delivery. Moreover, orders valued at $35 or higher get free shipping.

Does Dollar General sell eBay gift cards?

You can buy gift cards at Dollar General and use them on The gift cards for eBay do not expire. They may be used for buying anything on the site, such as Disney VHS tapes, vintage items, rotors and brakes, old newspapers and magazines, 18kt HGE rings, antennae for wooded regions, shoe-mounted pedometers and much more.