Are Walmart Airpods Real: How To Tell If You Are Buying Fake Ones?

With the success of Apple’s AirPods, it’s not surprising that numerous stores are attempting to make a profit by selling their versions. So, the hot topic on the internet is: are Walmart AirPods accurate or just cheap copies? Let’s discover the truth!

Quick Summary

 Walmart AirPods contain authentic Apple products and low-cost knockoffs at varying costs according to buyer demand and preferences. Walmart sells genuine Apple AirPods for about $150, while less-priced AirPods replicas often cost between $15 and $30. They may seem similar to AirPods, but they have a variety of flaws, such as poor sound quality, power issues, and network problems.

Does Walmart Sell Fake Airpods?

Real Apple AirPods are available at Walmart both in-store and online. But if you need to be more cautious, you can get a pair of less expensive, fake wireless earbuds instead. Although these “no-brand” replicas resemble AirPods, they are not suitable material.

Walmart sells various products, so it becomes essential to determine which are real and which are fake. For example, we previously discussed whether perfumes at Walmart are genuine. Now we will look into the AirPods.

These substandard AirPods are available for as cheap as $30 on the website. They have a history of being problematic. These replicas have various problems regarding charging difficulties, poor sound quality, and inconsistent connectivity.

If you want to buy a new set of AirPods and consider Walmart a possible store, be extra careful. Make sure you’re buying a genuine product. Otherwise, you could find yourself dealing with a great deal of disappointment and frustration. 

Why Are Airpods Cheaper At Walmart As Compared To Other Stores?

Walmart offers inexpensive AirPods replicas that typically range in price from $15 to $30. They may resemble AirPods in appearance, but they have several drawbacks, including low sound quality, power troubles, and connection problems. 

You may encounter a slight challenge when you’re going for AirPods shopping at Walmart. One option is to get a set of fake or no-brand AirPods, which are considerably less expensive than the original Apple product. On the flip side, you can purchase an accurate set of Apple AirPods!

Walmart also offers genuine Apple AirPods for around $150 if you’re prepared to spend more. These wireless earbuds are a bit pricey, but they provide easy connectivity, great sound, and a sleek appearance that’s not easy to overlook. 

Walmart has a range of alternatives to pick from online and in-store if you’re looking to buy a new set. You can choose a set of AirPods that works for you based on your needs, preferences, and price range.

AirPods and Walmart AirPods Pro: Walmart costs between $100 and $150 for the standard AirPods, a little less than the $159 that Apple prices. Walmart sells the AirPods Pro, which includes noise-canceling technology and a more comfortable fit, for $150-$200, whereas Apple charges $249 for the identical version.

Refurbished AirPods and Refurbished AirPods Pro: Refurbished AirPods are also available at Walmart for $81 and $95 if you want a cheaper choice. Moreover, refurbished AirPods Pro are offered for between $150 and $181. It’s crucial to remember that refurbished items can only include some of the accessories that a brand-new set of AirPods would. They could exhibit particular signs of wear and tear.

Fake AirPods: Walmart also offers copycat AirPods for $15 to $30. These replica AirPods may appear like genuine products but frequently have several things to improve, including inferior sound and connection problems. When purchasing fake AirPods, you should take precautions and do a background study to be sure you’re obtaining a helpful product.

How Long Does Walmart AirPods’ Battery Life Last?

The AirPods may need charging after 30 minutes to an hour of continuous use. Several customers have complained about the inability of AirPods to assign to their total battery capacity. 

Not all customers may encounter this problem. However, it can be a disappointing experience for those who bought AirPods that don’t maintain a battery for as long as promised.

Another frequent complaint from users is charging cable compatibility concerns. Several users have noticed that the charging cable included with the AirPods needs to be fixed with their smartphones. 

Hence, always do your research and read the reviews before purchasing something, especially when it comes to technological equipment, which may be costly and significantly influence your everyday life.

Do Walmart’s Fake AirPods Have Good Quality?

Unfortunately, no. The fake Walmart AirPods have the advantage of being less expensive; however, these have been said to have several drawbacks, including lesser battery life and inferior sound quality. Several consumers express dissatisfaction with the discomfort, breaking, and persistent connection problems.

Do the Fake AirPods From Walmart Work?

Although fake Airpods from Walmart work fine, you should know the possible consequences of choosing the less expensive option. They are cost-effective but do not offer good quality, and there have been complaints of Airpods losing their functionality soon after purchase.

Therefore, this might be inconvenient for people seeking high-quality sound and a long-lasting battery. On the other hand, Apple AirPods are renowned for their smooth connection with iOS and Mac devices, allowing users to switch between them while still getting good sound quality quickly. 

Walmart AirPods have a reputation for having connectivity issues, which can be a significant drawback for consumers seeking a reliable and smooth experience.

Steps For Returning Fake Airpods To Walmart

Walmart has a 30-day return policy for all items, including AirPods, Bluetooth devices, earbuds, etc.

Walmart treats the return of fake Airpods as with any other item. It will refund the purchase to the original mode of payment.

Key Takeaways

  • Walmart’s AirPods can be a great alternative if you want an affordable, fast, and elegant AirPods experience. 
  •  They are also a more affordable choice for people who want to check out wireless earbuds without a significant investment due to their lower budget. 
  •  Replica can provide a different degree of cutting-edge functionality and superior performance than the original Apple AirPods. They may not have the same sound quality or physical feel as an authentic pair of Apple AirPods.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

 Why are AirPods Pros at Walmart less expensive?

 Apple offers volume discounts to Walmart and Target. They believe they will increase their sales by selling in quantity to large box stores.

 Is Walmart a licensed Apple retailer?

 Apple Approved Resellers are third-party retailers authorized by Apple Inc. to sell the company’s products. Several carriers, including Walmart and Best Buy, have this authorization. You may browse for authorized resellers at:

 Is it safe to purchase Apple items from Walmart?

 It doesn’t matter if you buy from Walmart or Apple directly because Walmart is an authorized Apple supplier. Walmart offers Apple items in new condition (not refurbished) and comes with the same guarantee.

 Is AirPods from Target natural?

 There have been complaints of buyers getting fake Airpods from Target. Some customers also argue that Target Airpods are cheaper, but it should be noticed that the stores buy Airpods in bulk, so their wholesale price tends to be lower.