Running a Cart or Kiosk

Luxury’s New Leap

How do you capitalize on a temporary retail concept that fits the aesthetic of your center while delivering luxury retailers what they want? The Shops at Columbus Ci... »

Mobile Coupons

I have a few questions for you. Are your customers extremely busy? Do they always have their smartphones on hand? Are they on the hunt online for the best deals o... »

Specialty Retail Trends in Franchising

Fitness, healthy food and value-oriented concepts drive baby boomers and millennials alike to shopping centers across the country. The numbers speak for themselve... »

Apps That Reward Loyal Customers

Even small specialty retailers can launch their own customer loyalty program with these off-the-shelf apps. It all started with simple punch cards. Sitting next t... »

Opportunity Barks in the $58 Billion Pet Industry

Woof Gang Bakery & Wellness Centers are primed to grow to 77 franchise locations in 2015. Learn how they’re doing it. It’s a place where everybody knows y... »

How to Prevent Loss During the Holidays and Beyond

Reduce your shrinkage with these tips. Theft will occur in your store and by a two to one margin your employees will steal the most from you, says John Hassard, l... »

Hashtags Boost Holiday Retail Sales

Tips to implement hashtags into your social media campaigns. You’ve heard of dashing through the snow. But have you ever thought of “hashing” through the sn... »

Pretzel Franchise Round-up

Which of these major snack-food purveyors is the best match for you? America’s love of the soft pretzel—sweet and doughy on the inside and buttery and salty o... »

Island of Treats

Old-timey favorites, kid-friendly candies, upscale sweets and a corporate culture of giving back define this sweet franchise. Candy—Maxim Sirotovsky will tell you... »

Leveraging Apple’s Brand Loyalty

Experimac finds success and a franchise future with an Apple repair and resale business model. For many years Jim Muir worked a day job while he rehabbed and reso... »

5 Ways to Use Social Media to Build Your Email List

Eighty-four percent of consumers say they’ve purchased from a brand’s email message over the past six months, according to Salesforce’s 2014 Mobile Behavior Re... »

Drive Traffic to your Store with Mobile

Mobiles are the devices where the high street fights back. - Mandeep Singh, CEO and co-founder of StreetHub As a smart retailer you know that your customers are i... »

Making the Leap

Energetic concept has franchisees jumping for joy. Imagine having a business where you spend each day with a building full of happy kids and parents that are litera... »

Ready, Set, Grow

Ready to take your business to the next level? Here are some marketing basics you need to check off your to-do list. James Mendelsohn From social media and data ... »

Inventory Investment

Yan Krupnik Practical advice for how specialty retailers can make optimal stocking decisions with limited shelf space. Specialty retailers are faced with a pleth... »
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