Writer’s Guide

So that we can process your article as smoothly as possible (and keep the SRR editorial team happy), please follow these guidelines.

Formatting the ms.

Please use the standard ms. format for magazine articles. Buchman and Shores’ Writers Digest Guide to Manuscript Formats is a good one to follow:

Page set-up:8-1/2? x 11? (“portrait”)
Margins:1.25? (min.) top, bottom and sides
No headers or footers.
Font:Times New Roman or Palatino, 12 pt.
“Style”:Use “Normal” only, and none of the “Style” elements such as “Block text” or “Heading 1” available in Word and other programs. (The editors get cranky when they have to fight with “Style” options.)
No underlines, rules or boxes; nothing in all caps or “title caps.”
Page 1:Standard info (including your e-mail address) in the upper right corner.
Text:1.5 or double-space between lines
Paragraphs:Indent or double-space twice between paragraphs
Subheads:Double-space twice before the sub and once after
Subheads:Use an initial cap only, not “title caps,” and no underline.
Subs should look like this: Negotiating the lease
End:Indicate the end of the article and sidebars with ### or -end- or -30-
Bio:Please add a brief bio squib, even if you’ve written for us before. If you wish, you can include your phone number and e-mail address.
Sidebars:Please number them: e.g., [[ Sidebar 1 of 2 ]].
Fact-check:Please double-check names, addresses, phone numbers, Web site addresses, dates, and numbers and dollar amounts in your article.If something is unusual enough to make us think it’s a typo (e.g., the spelling of a name), please make a notation that it’s correct as is.

House Style

We follow the Chicago Manual and Strunk & White’s Elements of Style, with some exceptions to both. Feel free to follow the stylebook you usually use. We simply want consistency in your ms., and we’ll copy-edit as necessary.

Submitting the ms.

Saving: Save the file as a Word95 or 98 for Windows document (file extension .doc). Please be sure the file isn’t password-protected, so that we can open it.

Electronic: If you’re e-mailing your ms., attach it as a .doc file. Please don’t include the article text in the e-mail message itself: your formatting will get destroyed.

Mail: If you’re mailing your ms. as a .doc file on a 3.5? floppy disk, please label the diskette: article title, plus your name, street address, phone, and e-mail address. Also include a print of the article on plain white paper, stapled in the upper left corner.