Does Starbucks Take Apple Pay

If you’re a fan of Starbucks and use Apple Pay, you’ll be glad to know that the two are now compatible. That means you can use your iPhone or iPad to pay for your coffee and snacks at Starbucks without having to fumble through your wallet for cash or cards. Here’s how it works.

Quick Answers

Does Starbucks Take Apple Pay? Yes, you can use Apple Pay for payments at Starbucks. This implies to all store locations as well as for order made via app and drive thru. You can use an Apple phone on an iPhone, Apple watch, or any other compatible device.

How To Use Apple Pay Here? Open Apple Wallet app on your device and link the credit/debit card that you wish to use for payment. Access this app at checkout or drive thru for payments. Hold the device close to the card reader, wait for the total to appear, confirm through payment verification and the transfer will be made.

What Other Payment Methods Can Be Used At Starbucks? Starbucks also accepts payments via cash, credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, Bakkt Cash, Google Pay, and Starbucks cards.

Starbucks Accept Apple Pay At All Store Locations and Elsewhere

You can use Apple Pay for payments at all Starbucks store locations. On top of that, Apple Pay can be used for payment of orders placed via Starbucks app, in drive-thru, etc.

Important: Apple Pay does not charge any additional fee for billing st Starbucks.


Apple Pay is most widely used for payments at Starbucks checkout counters. Buyers only need to finalize their orders and then open the Wallet app which they already have on the phone. This should be linked to the card you wish to use.

Open the app on the device and tap on the card through which you want the payment to proceed. Provide the phone passcode, Touch ID or other request mode of verification.

The total will appear on your device and you have to hold it close to the card reader to transfer the payment successfully. Tap on the phone or watch to confirm the payment and you are done!

Drive Through

Starbucks drive thru take Apple Pay for payments. The salesmen or the cashier at the drive-thru will lean out the window to get hold of your device or hold the card close to the reader so the payment can be successfully transferred.

You Can You Apple Pay For Payments Directly or Through The Starbucks App

The most crucial part is to set up Apple Pay. Once you are done with that, following steps of using it directly at the cashier or through the mobile app should not be a problem.

As you would know (and some might not), Apple Pay comes already downloaded and installed on all Apple devices including Mac, Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, etc.

Set up Apple Pay

Open Apple Pay on your device and add the debit/credit cards that you wish to use with it. There are plenty of online videos on Apple website that guide newbies on how to add new cards to the apple Wallet.

Wait for the cards to link your Apple Wallet app on the phone and then you are all set to start making payments.

Use Apple Pay Directly

Apple Pay will have your information saved. This means you don’t have to manually enter credit card or debit card information everytime you make the payment.

When using the app in store, simply choose this as a payment method and take your phone next to the NFC terminal for payment transfer. This method works the same whether you are using an iPhone or Apple Watch.

Use Apple Pay In Starbucks App

You have to download the Starbucks App and activate your Apple Pay within the app to clear billings using this method. As soon as you are done with placing the order, you have to select Apple Pay as payment method and you are good to go,

Moreover, the app can be used to find the closest Starbucks locations to you in addition to providing the advantage of making contactless payments. You can also use the app to sign up with Starbucks loyalty program. This will reward you with Stars that you can save and then redeem in terms of savings on your purchases.

Starbucks Also Accepts a Number of Other Payment Forms

Apple Pay is not the only contactless payment method that you can use here. Other than cash and Apple Pay, buyers can also use Google Pay, Starbucks cards, PayPal and Bakkt Cash here.

Fun-Fact! Starbucks also takes credit cards and debit cards from all the well-known financial companies in the US.

So, Starbuck Customers Can Conveniently Use Apple Pay For Quick Payments Anytime

Apple pay has become quite a popular payment method for Starbucks customers as it streamlines the entire billing process and makes it quick for the cashiers to proceed to the next person in line.

There is also a decreasing reliability on cash payments so more and more customers are now choosing to tap-and-pay with mobile devices, in which Apple definitely stands out.

Once you have added the card to the Apple Wallet app in your phone, it will remain linked so you don’t have to manually enter the information every time. You will just need to tap on the card and confirm the payment at the time of purchase.

Does Starbucks Take Apple Pay – FAQs

Can I pay with Apple Pay at Starbucks drive thru?

Yes, contactless payments can be used at the drive thru as well. This applies to Apple Pay and other methods such as Google Pay and PayPal.

What are other restaurants where you can use Apple Pay?

Majority of the restaurants, cafes and more than 85% of retailers in the US take Apple Pay. You can visit its official website to see where this mode of payment is acceptable.

Does Apple Pay also work at ATMs?

Yes. You can use Apple Pay for ATM withdrawals by holding the iPhone near the symbol on the ATM that reads contactless payments. This will activate the transaction after which you have to enter the amount and the ATM PIN code to withdraw money.