Does Starbucks Have Boba: How To Make One Under 1 Minute?

Are you craving a delicious blend of tea and chewy boba pearls? You aren’t alone, pal! But does Starbucks have Boba to satisfy your cravings? Let’s explore the tantalizing options and see how to get your boba tea at Starbucks. Get ready to relish a cup of Starbucks or boba tea while you look for the ideal combination.

Quick Summary

Classic boba tea has yet to be available at Starbucks, but it has alternative beverages that bring a comparable taste to Boba. Coffee Pearl Starbucks Tea, Raspberry Milk Tea, and Iced Teavana Tea are a few additional beverages to try at Starbucks. Customers can create customized boba-inspired beverages by adding boba-like toppings to their Starbucks drinks, like coffee jelly. Starbucks also serves various iced teas, such as black and green tea, with different fruit and herbal flavors. 

Can I Get Boba Tea At Starbucks?

The coffee giant does not offer Boba, but you have some great alternatives here. Folks with innovative minds have discovered an approach for ordering Starbucks beverages that are almost as good as the actual product.

In addition, Starbucks has started experimenting with bubble tea waters to create its own version of boba tea, so we might soon see it on its menu. 

While you patiently wait, think about getting the “Iced Chai Tea Latte with Coffee Pearls” or just the “In the Dark” iced drink, both of which have been put to the test by Starbucks. Also, bubble tea might start appearing in your nearby area soon, considering how popular it is. Moreover, keep Starbucks in check for your big day as the company offers free drinks on birthdays and more discounts!

Why Doesn’t Starbucks Sell Boba Tea?

Boba Tea vs Starbucks is simply a classic scenario involving cost against profit. It is not only about the amount that the tea costs to produce. It is also about how challenging the whole process is.

Making and serving boba tea at the high-speed rate anticipated at every Starbucks location becomes hard. While increasing its menu, Starbucks needs to be mindful and evaluate the economic feasibility of every option, as crafting the ideal Boba needs diligent art that calls for specialized expertise. Needless to say, Starbucks is already quite expensive!

Think about it like this: Starbucks outlets are located all over the globe, and they all strive to maintain consistency. If boba tea were to be made available in certain regions only, the brand would inevitably have to launch it everywhere, incurring massive expenses in its process.

Boba lovers should not worry. There are still alternatives available for getting your fill. You can still make beverages at Starbucks, mimicking the flavors of classical boba tea due to their many customization options. Even while Starbucks does not provide the unique chewy sensation of pearl tea, some alternative options are still available.

For a comparable flavour experience, put coffee jelly on what you’re ordering. So, if you’re longing for Boba, please be bold and try some different Starbucks drinks. Let’s check these options, then!

Raspberry Milk Tea

The Raspberry Milk Tea is an exclusive option popular among those who prefer raspberry-flavoured food. So, experience the taste of Starbucks’ boba tea substitutes, where fruity flavours are the stars.

While traditional Asian-style tea cafes’ boba tea usually has sweetened fruit syrup, Starbucks serves milky, fruit-flavoured teas that will fulfil your boba needs.

  1. Ask for a Grande unsweetened iced black tea.
  2.  Then request a delightful combination consisting of half milk and half water. You may even choose dairy-free milk if you prefer.
  3.  1.5 pumps or two pumps for venti-sized drinks of toffee nut syrup to the glass can boost the flavour.
  4.  Add 1.5 or 2 pumps for venti drinks of raspberry-flavoured syrup to give it a fruity flavour.
  5.  You can add a pump of regular syrup or brown sugar to the drink to give it more sweetness.

There’s more; hang on! The consistently prevalent brown sugar milk tea is another option. You may choose the Teavana tea, the milk of your liking, and an ample quantity of brown sugar to come up with this tempting combination.

Iced Teavana Tea

Try the relishing Teavana teas on the Starbucks menu for a delightful detour from traditional boba tea. Starbucks provides an appealing alternative with many distinctive and attractive Teavana tea flavours.

There is one more route you can take: homemade tapioca milk tea. Just place an iced tea order from Starbucks and allow your creative juices to go wild by adding some of your tasty pearls for that iconic chewy feel.

So rather than leaving the warmth of your home, why not go for a flavour-filled journey to make your boba-inspired beverage?

Coffee Pearl Starbucks Tea

The tempting coffee-popping pearls from Starbucks are all set to take your beverage experience to an entirely new level.

These little balls of pure magic can completely transform your taste buds when it comes to classic toppings such as tapioca boba. These popping boba pearls will take your palate on a remarkable adventure as they are made from a beautiful blend of ingredients.

As you relish each mouth-watering bite, these perfect pearls explode with liquid, exciting your senses with a dazzling symphony of flavours.

Tropical Pearl Addition

Sadly, Starbucks does not offer tapioca pearls as a beverage ingredient. But worry not; additional ways exist to get these chewy, flavorful pearls.

Choices are available online if you are still looking for tapioca pearls in your local grocery store.

It’s time to make the tapioca pearls soon after you have your Starbucks tea all set to use as a base. Note that the brands may have distinct user manuals, so be sure that you thoroughly read and fully understand them. The pearls must usually only be boiled for a couple of minutes before they are ready to be part of your beverage.

How To Order Boba At Starbucks? (Make Your Own!)

Making your drink is simple, and you can customize it as you like! You can make up a delicious homemade boba drink in a flash using creativity and essential ingredients.

Choose a base to begin with. Starbucks delivers an extensive range of Teavana tea flavours, from standard black to tropical pineapple; however, don’t be reluctant to play around with your tea or coffee. Grab some chai tea bags if you enjoy iced chai tea lattes.

You can also make a conventional cup of Boba with black or green tea bags to create black pearl milk tea or just green pearl milk tea. Moreover, you can give an iced black tea with pearls a good shake for an exciting twist.

You are now welcome to experiment with flavours after picking the base. Using sweeteners such as condensed milk or liquid cane sugar, you can customize your drink just as you’d like it, and you can even add any preferred fruits or sugar syrups for a savoury boost.

Tapioca pearls are vital to any boba drink. If you feel adventurous, you can create your own from scratch. They are available in person online or at a nearby grocery store.

The time has come to assemble everything and have fun after you have all the ingredients. Use a thick straw while pouring everything over fresh ice to enjoy the tapioca pearls’ chewy taste genuinely.

Boba Alternatives Famous Drinks On Starbucks Menu

If you’re longing for that specific boba flavour, you’ll find a ton of alternative drinks that can satisfy you. Be ready for a journey of an exciting adventure packed with sweet, milky teas and fantastic, fruity-flavoured combinations that will send you to boba tea nirvana.

Starbucks offers a broad range of iced teas. You can experience the rich and robust aromas of black and green teas flavoured with several fruit and herbal fusions. Although boba tea contains no caffeine, you may enjoy its enticing tastes, including raspberry milk tea or energetic Teavana iced tea. Although challenging, picking one option allows one to experience wholehearted joy.

How about trying the matcha and espresso mashup if you’re up for some fun? With its lively, rich matcha aromas and a powerful espresso strike, this distinctive combination will entice your taste sensations. The iced shaken black tea with honey and ruby grapefruit, a zingy and yummy treat that will ignite your senses, is an excellent choice for a tangy touch.

Starbucks might not be selling classic boba tea, but they have a fantastic range of alternative drinks that will transport you to another flavorful realm!

Can I Buy Boba Tea At Dunkin Donuts?

Though Dunkin Donuts currently doesn’t have boba beverages on its menu, they are more mindful of this trendy drink’s demand for and appeal than its counterpart Starbucks.

While you can’t simply grab boba drinks from Dunkin, you can still add strawberry-flavoured bubbles into its teas, providing a similar feeling. These flavour bubbles are identical to conventional tapioca pearls but lack the same texture.

Many giant retail chains prefer to serve something other than boba drinks since preparing them can be challenging. But if you’re lucky enough to have a small cosy coffee or tea cafe around the corner, they might feature boba tea on their beverage list.

Note that boba drinks usually cost more than anything else on the menu, as tapioca pearls are added to them. It is still worthwhile giving a boba drink a shot if you haven’t done it before to find out if the flavour attracts you.

In general, Dunkin Donuts does not precisely recreate the boba experience, but its flavour bubbles do offer a way to experience a similar taste.

Will Starbucks Ever Sell Boba Tea In Future?

Considering its tremendous appeal, the coffee giant might find it hard not to recognize the prospective turnover of this sugary and chewy drink.

There may have been negotiations within the business itself about bringing boba tea to certain places, primarily to the nearby Starbucks boba locations where college students are said to be keen fans. After all, the boba market is thriving and doesn’t appear to be showing any sign of slowing down.

Even if we need more information about Starbucks’ future targets, it is likely that embracing some Starbucks bubble tea, all while easing into an elegant Starbucks nook, is tempting. The company is yet to issue any public statements clarifying its stand on boba tea. Yet, who knows? We may see Starbucks’ rendition of this popular beverage soon.

Key Takeaways

  • Starbucks is not offering classic boba tea. However, it does offer alternatives such as Iced Teavana Tea, Raspberry Milk Tea, and other customized drinks.
  •  Customers can add boba-like flavours like coffee jelly to their drinks to make their boba-inspired combinations.
  •  Starbucks may one day introduce boba tea. But for the time being, customers might want to check out the other Starbucks bubble tea options or can create some fusions for themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where To Buy Starbucks Bubble Tea Near Me?

Try out alternative bubble tea stores nearby, as Starbucks does not yet offer traditional Boba. If you want to find out what’s close by, quickly look up Google Maps.

The best option for you (until Starbucks boba is officially available) is to begin making Boba alone if nothing else.

Does bubble tea usually have plenty of calories?

Yes, the number of calories in this exciting dessert tends to be very high, particularly if sugar and flavouring syrups are added.

There are around 325 calories in an average 500 ml beverage with tapioca pearls. Nowadays, many eateries offer larger servings that can have over 500 calories.

Does McDonald’s have Boba at this moment?

After bringing bubble tea to the menu the previous summer, the fast-food titan is back with fresh bubble tea flavours you can sip on over the following hot months. It would include a malty, chocolate Ovaltine flavour and a pleasant matcha flavour.

Is the bubble tea caffeinated?

It is dependent on the ingredients that are chosen. Of course, you will feel a surge of energy if you sip black or green tea. Creating your own Boba allows you to customize the drink, implying you may skip the caffeine by including decaffeinated additives.