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Visual Victories Awards 2014 Winners

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Best Store Signage

First Place


Retailer: Cathy Norman
Location: Bramalea City Centre, Brampton, Ontario, Canada
Center/Owner: Morguard Properties
Entry submitted by: Christina Sardalla
Visual Merchandiser: n/a

Titika’s use of color, channel backlit letters and an icon helps to create this professional storefront signage. David Zimmer says,“I chose Titika because it was clean and fresh. Had very current colors and grabbed your attention without being overbearing.” The sign’s scale fits the storefront design and complements the store’s interior makeup. The high-gloss white background provides a clean, crisp contrast to the high-energy lime green logo. The first impression of the location is a strong one and will create credibility and confidence in customers.


Second Place

Funk-2ndFunk ‘n’ Frost
Retailer: Sandy Scott
Location: Guildford Town Centre
Center/Owner: Ivanhoé Cambridge
Entry submitted by: Elly Holmes
Visual Merchandiser: Patty Miles, Miles Display

Funk ‘n’ Frost continues their award winning store design with this clean, floating storefront signage. Suzanne Paradeis says: “Funk ‘n’ Frost did a great job theming the sign to their concept. The fact that it has a white outline and a trendy font and it ties in with the design in the wall is a tasteful complement to the overall store display.” Tracey Hatley loved the design’s complexity with the floating channel lettering and under-stroke that leads the eye beautifully to the descriptor: “Beauty Bar.” In a creative touch, the name of the sign actually looks like frost.

Third Place

Spirit2-3rd-altSpirit Halloween
Retailer: Val Cohn
Location: Mall of America, Bloomington, MN
Center/Owner: Mall of America
Entry submitted by: Lisa Taylor
Visual Merchandiser: Brett Beaudette, Mall of America

Spirit Halloween’s incorporation of their signage into the house façade entry and storefront creates and defines this space at a quick glance. Suzanne Cayley says: “This Spirit store is one the best that I have seen—the storefront reaches out to you and almost grabs you to come into the space. The use of the graphics and the color black is perfect—makes you want to shop.” The high-contrast sign attracts customers from afar. Lori Stuart says: “By far this is the best and most creative storefront design for Spirit Halloween. It gives the impression of a spooky house, which tells the story of this concept perfectly. They have set the bar with this one!”

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