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Visual Victories Awards 2014 Winners

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Most Improved Retail Display

First Place



Cashman Photo / NY NY Roller Coaster
Retailer: Morgan Cashman
Location: New York-New York Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas
Center/Owner: New York-New York Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas
Entry submitted by: Heather Campbell
Visual Merchandiser: Heather Campbell, Heather Allen Concepts LLC

Cashman Photo/NY NY Roller Coaster takes this photo location from drab to fab. The use of color contrast and its strategic positioning within this space quickly grabs your attention. The yellow is incorporated in the overhead signage band and in the cash-wrap base to add balance, driving your eye back to the impressive media wall. David Palomo says: “Great transformation with the use of creative graphics, signage and a great use of colors.” The removal of the soffit and creation of a grand media wall with height and volume create an energy-filled area full of excitement and movement. This modern high-tech design is accentuated by the bold new counter layout. Jennifer Thomas also loves the pop of color created by the wrap on the bottom of the cash desk and the NYC skyline. She loves the discrete placement of taxicab yellow and black checkers that break the monotony on the television wall and “say” New York visually. “This is better than the entire wall being painted in yellow and black,” she adds.



Second Place



Customized Teez
Retailer: Sam Badah
Location: Monroeville Mall, Monroeville, PA
Center/Owner: CBL Properties
Entry submitted by: Kathy Samuels
Visual Merchandiser: n/a



Customized Teez takes chaos and converts it into a well-disciplined design allowing the eye to relax and be drawn back into the space. Rebecca Wiltshire comments: “Customized Teez new design brightens up the store and looks inviting, as opposed to the dark, over-merchandised, messy look before. The new look is very clean and professional now.” The introduction of red contrasting against the white is well executed by carrying the design from the store front back into and throughout the space. The replacement of carpet to luxury vinyl flooring adds to the new crisp, clean design. The setback interior window display helps pull you into the location rather than barricading you at the entrance. Amanda Cole states, “I really liked the improvements to Customized Teez. The new logo for the signage is great and the store is so much brighter and more inviting.” A prime example of less is more.

Third Place



La Maison du Macaron
Retailer: Gaelle Siedel Crop
Location: Le Centre Eaton de Montreal, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Center/Owner: Ivanhoé Cambridge
Entry submitted by: Charlene King
Visual Merchandiser: n/a



La Maison du Macaron makes the transformation of this retail unit from one lacking identity and energy, to one that screams for attention. The technique of wrapping the existing surfaces of the unit in simple red and white vinyl graphics pulls together a well-branded look. The addition of the center display fixture provides a great bakery counter visual while getting the merchandise displayed and up into the selling zone. Rebecca Wiltshire says, “Maison went from looking severely under-stocked to welcoming and delicious. This is a great presentation with complete color/theme incorporation over the entire cart.”

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