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Visual Victories Awards 2014 Winners

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Best Kiosk Display

First Place

Giovanni’s Downtown Gelato
Retailer: Carmelo and Filippo Gristina
Location: The Centre MK, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
Center/Owner: CBRE Ltd.
Entry submitted by: Jackie Tracey
Visual Merchandiser: n/a

Gelato kiosk design captures attention and transports customers through memory lane. The ice cream truck design and cone-shaped stools totally work in underscoring what the kiosk sells. Suzanne Cayley sums it up: “Appeals to all ages—retro for those who remember the ice cream truck and fun for kids and adults too of today. Love the low profile of the design and the ice cream cone chairs are ‘over the top.’ The matching pink shirts for the staff, puts this one at #1.” The refrigerated case is incorporated into the hood design. The right amount of graphics keeps attention focused on the prize. The clean lines and fresh color combination add an emotional tie-in to the product. Serviceability from two sides allows for easier accessibility and shorter lines, which add up to increased sales. Truly a well thought-out design rich in fun and character.


Second Place

Vapor-Zone-2ndVapor Zone
Retailer: Nicolas Molina
Location: Miami International Mall, Miami Lakes, FL
Center/Owner: Simon Property Group
Entry submitted by: Wendy Chao
Visual Merchandiser: Eduardo Nassiff / Helga Tapia

Vapor Zone’s clean and contemporary walk-through design adds sophistication through the use of color, lighting and sleek curves. Suzanne Paradeis says, “The vision transports you into a ‘stylish’ hookah lounge, without the hookah vibe. It is a hard product concept to display without offending some [of the] public.” Contrasting flooring anchors this by pulling all elements together. Rebecca Wiltshire says that the welcoming area makes customers want to enter and see what it’s all about. The upscale bar-like counter setting also peaks curiosity and attention. Cubed glass casework on the cubed pod units are a great touch and allows for a simple well-organized display.

Third Place

Retailer: Ye Jia
Location: Garden State Plaza, Paramus, NJ
Center/Owner: Westfield Group
Entry submitted by: Nicole Raleigh
Visual Merchandiser: Tom Davidson, 3-D Illustrations

B.Duck captures attention and curiosity with this kiosk design. The large sculpted rubber duck is a great prop designed and positioned to entice passersby. The volume of color and the merchandising plans are great attractions. Walk-through design accommodates multiple shoppers and increases linear merchandising space effectively. Karen Maben says that creative, fun lights around the base complement the overall look. The duck outline feature gives the kiosk great visibility from afar.

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