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Visual Victories Awards 2012 Winners

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Best Cart Display

First Place

Mo’s Cakes
Retailer: Mariolga Calderon
Location: Dolphin Mall, Miami, FL
Center/Owner: The Taubman Company
Entry submitted by: Lisa Wilcox, Specialty Leasing Agent
Visual Merchandiser: Helga Tapias, Melon Design Agency

The use of color and branding makes this RMU a winner. The eye-catching use of the red/brown/white color combination and a symmetrical design attract the customer to sample the wares. The combination of different fabrication materials and fixtures is harmonious with the graphic elements and images. A creative use of images, graphic elements, and props highlights the structure of the RMU, yet doesn’t overpower the product presentation. The variety of different levels for the product entices the customer to sample and shop the cart. Especially useful in this regard is the sign encouraging customers to sample the product—particularly important for grab-and-go food, says Sarah Becker. The price point tags in the winning display are also very well done, Becker adds.

Second Place

cart-2-HammondsHammond’s Candies
Retailer: Lori Schuman
Location: Denver International Airport, Denver, CO
Owner/Manager: Provenzano Resources, Inc
Entry submitted by: Gary Gilliard
Visual Merchandiser: Danielle Hopper, Hopper Studios

The large variety of different candy is merchandised in an “easy-to-shop“and “easy-to-maintain” format on the RMU. By using the color of the candy and packaging as the organizational tool, the product presentation becomes “eye candy.” The large vertical (and colorful) image of the candy works well to draw customers. Jennifer Barker points out that the merchandise is displayed not only by type but also color and size, which makes it easy to find what customers are looking for. The use of colored pinstripes in the backdrop adds a nice finish to the display as well. Suzanne Cayley loved the attention to detail in the product layout and the use of the variety of packaging and sizes. “It isn’t likely that anyone [can walk away] without purchasing something,” she said.

Third Place

cart-3-BabyGroceryStoreExpressThe Baby Grocery Store Express
Retailer: Darren Gann
Location: Southpark Mall, Charlotte, NC
Center/Owner: Simon
Entry submitted by: Bethany Jaeger
Visual Merchandiser: n/a

This unit demonstrates the elements of good RMU presentation. By a simple use of color and clean, organized merchandising, the large variety of small products is appealing. The RMU also shows how to effectively display inventory without it becoming overwhelming to the eye, while at the same time conveying an impression of fullness. The use of wire baskets to corral potentially unruly objects, works really well. Notice how products are arranged by color in even the unlikeliest of places. A well-executed logo adds to the professional look.

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