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Visual Victories Awards 2010 Winners

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Best Store Signage

First Place: Corks Fine Wines, Liquors & Ale

Retailer: Chris Sikorsky
Location: Cross Iron Mills, Rockview, Alberta, Canada
Center/Owner: Ivanhoe Cambridge
Entry submitted by: Heather Kane-MacLeod
Visual Merchandiser: Patty Miles, Miles Display

By incorporating the icon of a corkscrew into the simple store name, the consumer understands what is sold in the store. The contrast of materials is rich and well-designed: the metal logo against a backdrop of mahogany wood, accented by the royal blue frame. The repetition of the logo beneath the store sign and on the interior cashwrap wall reiterates the store’s concept.

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Second Place: MagiQuest

Retailer: Denise Weston
Location: Mall of America, Bloomington, MN
Center/Owner: MOA Mall Holdings, LLC
Entry submitted by: Lisa Taylor
Visual Merchandiser: Brett Beaudette, Mall of America

This is more than just a sign on a façade. The store sign and arch create the entrance to an exciting environment. What’s more the entire unit creates a very medieval “dungeons and dragons” look, an indication of what’s in store inside. The contrast of the gold lettering against the black façade makes the sign jump out and draws the customer into the store for an interesting experience.

Third Place: Vagabond

Retailer: Zakariya Najjar
Location: Brea Mall, Brea, CA
Center/Owner: Simon Property Group
Entry submitted by: Trudy Young
Visual Merchandiser: Zakariya Najjar

A trendy clothing store needs an eye-catching, trendy sign. The frayed, decaying look to the sign perfectly captures the store name—Vagabond. The silver metallic finish of the sign contrasts well against the wood façade and is carried into the interior of the store. The ragged edge at the bottom of the sign breaks up the rectangular shape and adds interest and flair.

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