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Visual Victories Awards 2010 Winners

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Best Kiosk Display

First Place: Disney’s Doorway to Dreams

Retailer: Disney
Location: Woodfield Shopping Center, Schaumburg, IL
Center/Owner: The Taubman Company
Entry submitted by: April Tschappat
Visual Merchandiser: N/A

The repetitive use of the iconic mouse ears in the design of this vacation Disney kiosk makes it easily identifiable and draws the customer to the kiosk. The mouse ears are used for the angled “mouse” arch, the plexi “fencing” and the mouse world. A simple color palette of black, white and blue allows the color picture globe to show different destinations. It is an effective use of space and fixtures, sure to catch and hold the attention of passersby, while showing the different trips available.

Second Place: NYS Collection

Retailer: Shay Gru
Location: San Francisco Centre, San Francisco, CA
Center/Owner: Westfield
Entry submitted by: Sal Babbino
Visual Merchandiser: AC Designs

Through the employment of sleek graphic shapes and color, the customer is drawn to this sunglass kiosk. The open, airy layout of fixtures allows the customer to move freely through the kiosk to look at the sunglasses. At the same time the layout gives the kiosk a shop feel. The backlighting shows the colored lenses as well as the frames available. Graphics and signage are kept to a minimum so there is more emphasis on the product.

Third Place: The Threading Station

Retailer: Margarita Kleinknecht
Location: Garden State Plaza, Glen Rock, NJ
Center/Owner: Westfield
Entry submitted by: Frank Riggio
Visual Merchandiser: AC Designs

Thinking out of the box and utilizing dead space makes this kiosk work to the maximum. Decorative glass panels, white Formica fixtures, and a grouping of light fixtures make an otherwise non-leaseable area in a mall, bright and attractive. The unusual space is defined by the wood floor and “warmed up” by honey-colored wood cabinetry. The straightforward design of the cabinetry allows the swirling pattern on the glass panels to be the major focal point of interest. Judge Sharon Loeff said the station displayed great ingenuity especially in a challenging location. Vicki Morton at Glimcher noted the location provides privacy—needed for this business.

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