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Visual Victories Awards 2008 Winners

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Best Promotional Display

Retailer’s cart: Be
Retailer: Be Productions
Location: Stonestown Galleria, San Francisco, CA
Devel./mgmt.: General Growth Properties
Entry submitted by: Matthew Diaz, GGP
“Don’t just watch TV, “Be” on it!” proclaims the tagline above the monitor showing child actors at work on a sitcom. Coupled with the central red movie marquee graphic and the (partially obscured) “Hollywood is Here!” declaration, the unit virtually begs kids to imagine themselves as a megastar in the making. Company’s brochures and marketing materials are neatly stacked for the taking at this promotional cart.

Retailer’s cart: The New York Times
Retailer: The New York Times, Patricia Sins
Location: Twelve Oaks Mall, Novi, MI
Devel./mgmt.: The Taubman Company
Entry submitted by: Christine Manley, Taubman
Visual merchandiser: Christine Manley
A sepia-tone photo of the New York skyline sets brand-identity stage by subtly reminding viewers of The Times’ long history covering “All the news that’s fit to print.” Below the focal-point photo, each section of the paper is displayed alongside a framed color photo or prop that visually illustrates the focus of that section: a model’s pose for the fashion section, a globe for world affairs. The Sunday Styles section and the style magazine, “T”—the fashion-focused sections most likely to be of interest to mall shoppers—are rolled neatly in a basket within easy reach.

Retailer’s cart: Listen Hear
Retailer: Starkey Laboratories
Location: Mall of America, Bloomington, MN
Devel./mgmt.: MOA Mall Holdings
Entry submitted by: Lisa Taylor, MOA
Visual merchandiser: Brett Beaudette
Video and lifestyle graphics plus clear signage make this cart stand out. A central lifestyle photo immediately conveys that an MP3 product is being promoted, in this case custom-made earbuds. The tagline, “Challenge Your Earphones!” invites shoppers closer for a fun test, and prominent signage left and right points out a cart feature (a hearing test) and a key product benefit (comfort). A more- detailed presentation of benefits and features runs center-stage on video—a sure attention-getter.

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