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Kiosks are gaining popularity in many sectors throughout the United States – popping up more frequently in hospitals, rail stations, museums, and airports. Virtually anywhere where large populations of people can be found, food service and retail kiosks can be found as well. The reason for this is simple – they’re the quickest and most cost effective way to create a business that maximizes space and reaches the largest number of potential customers!

It wasn’t so many years ago that mall and property managers wouldn’t even consider placing carts or kiosks in the common area of their properties. These days, with space at a premium and prospective tenants vying for the lowest possible rent, every possible square footage of leasable space is utilized – inside, outside, along the walls, and of course, right out in the center of everything!

The costs of establishing a permanent (“brick-and-mortar” or “in-line”) location can be steep – easily $200,000 – and the “build-out,” which includes hiring architects and builders, submitting plans and obtaining permits, is time-consuming. But lead-time to build and ship a custom cart or kiosk is just a few weeks – and kiosk prices can start as low as $15,000! The level of commitment with a kiosk or cart is much lower, too. If one location is not working out as expected, the unit can be packed up and shipped to a more desirable location within days.

Chances are good that anytime you see a kiosk – whether you’re trying your luck at a Las Vegas casino, spending a day with the family at one of a hundred theme parks throughout the nation, or even vacationing at a luxury island or mountain resort – it was designed and built by Carriage Works, Inc. Our custom-designed carts and kiosks can also be found at universities, museums and visitors centers, as close as our hometown and as far away as Finland and Okinawa, Japan.

Here at Carriage Works, we’ve built carts and kiosks for nearly every application, including cell phone accessory kiosks, espresso, flower carts and kiosks, jewelry kiosks, customer service kiosks, franchise food service kiosks and carts, travel services kiosks, even temporary tattoos! Growing trends in carts and kiosks include eyebrow threading kiosks, nail art kiosks, and video game kiosks.

We’re particularly proud to have been selected by the United States Air Force to be the designer and fabricator for their travel and ticketing kiosk program. We worked closely with the Community and Leisure representative of the USAF to create the design for their 10′ x 15′ retail/customer service kiosks, which will soon be shipped to locations like Little Rock and Keesler Air Force Base. With more than seventy Air Force Bases across the country, it was a great honor for Carriage Works to be chosen for this project!

Today, carts, kiosks and RMU’s make up a $10 billion industry that continues to grow. Carriage Works, Inc. is experiencing similar growth.

Carriage Works, Inc. is a woman-owned company, proud to be in business for more than 40 years. We take great pride in our quality and craftsmanship, but what’s equally important to us is our dedication to providing the customer service required to assist our customers to succeed. Our goal is to forge relationships with our clients that will endure long after the initial sale has concluded.

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