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The Specialty Leasing program is one of those unique tools that lets a mall owner be the first to sense upcoming trends in retail business. Kiosks, with the benefit of low-risk, relatively low-investment commitment for entrepreneurs, are providing broad opportunities for the commercialization of fresh ideas, taking the first steps into the retail world.

The role of shopping center commercialization is to generate revenue to the owner from common area short-term leases (kiosks, RMUs, pop-up stores) and advertising activities of retailers and external brands. The common area rent range is $4,500-72,000 per square meter per year, triple net. There is also an interesting trend that we will have a look at.

As we know, shoppers never come to the mall driven by the need to make purchases at common area kiosks. So that business is stronger than others, with the impulse purchase that creates the demand here and now. Meanwhile, the greater changes cross the door of the mall through small business. Let’s see what signs they are giving us today!

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