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According to a recent study, 75% of time spent by shoppers is spent online, looking for products and reviews. For the first time ever, Mall Cart Network® is allowing locally owned Mall Carts and Kiosks the opportunity to be found in online searches, and help shoppers find local solutions and unique products online. Mall Cart Network’s comprehensive database gives shoppers not only a list of local carts and kiosks, but their location in malls, product reviews, videos, and coupons. Launched in summer 2011, Mall Cart Network began building a strong network of malls and mall cart operators in an effort to give shoppers a more complete shopping experience in high traffic mall corridors.

The benefits are two-fold. First, shoppers can find unique items not available at big box retailers or department stores. Many products from high end cosmetics to cell phone accessories can only be found in mall carts and kiosks, but rely on foot traffic as a chief marketing strategy.  As more and more shoppers turn to the internet and mobile devices, locally pertinent information still remains a priority, but customers expect to find reviews and offers to inform their shopping decisions. Mall Cart Network helps bring the two together.

Secondly, Mall Cart and Kiosk owners with limited budgets, and usually very little in online marketing infrastructure, now have an inexpensive way to market directly to an active customer base. Facebook and Twitter integration let local carts and kiosks share their products socially and become the destination for mall shoppers rather than an incidental stop.

“Connecting the shopper to the Kiosk owner is something that has historically been reserved for large companies with enormous marketing technology budgets. Using our site and associated apps, shoppers can reach out to shoppers in their mall, interested in their products, and ready to make purchases today,” says Albert Sorto of Mall Cart Network.

Using the Mall Cart Business Profile, cart owners can expand their marketing efforts without increasing marketing budgets and can more reach the growing audience of internet shoppers who are still looking for unique products and local sources.

Marketing functionality isn’t the only key benefit for Kiosk owners looking to get an edge. New site tools allow business owners to search for real estate opportunities at prime mall locations across the country, helping match landlords with kiosk owners in specific categories. Nowhere else can developers and retailers be matched on key demographics, inventory or concept compatibility. Think for businesses and mall developers. If a cart owner in Indiana wants to move to Boston, and a Mall Developer in Boston has a new space vacant, these two can be introduced through Mall Cart Network. Not to mention powerful employee recruitment tools once a new location has been secured, bringing big concepts to small business owners in ways never before available.


The Mall Cart and Kiosk industry, worth more than $12 billion in annual revenue†, and offers an increasing range of products. Mall Cart Network® connects shoppers to local businesses and products, and provides a powerful search tool to quickly find Cart & Kiosk products and locations online in a comprehensive and nationwide database. Users can search, save, and share coupons. While shopping in the mall, users can retrieve coupons and quickly find the Cart/Kiosk business using our Facebook Mobile App. Visit us online at MCN is attending the SPREE Show April 3 – 5 in Las Vegas, NV Booth #528.

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