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Dubai, UAE – Suhail Bin Ahmed created Happy Yummy, a kiosk-based food retail business, in 2003. He has rapidly scaled the niche business. The capability of building a multi-location kiosk-based retail business around an identified food product is in the DNA of the business. Suhail has added a diversity of products and reached out across the Emirates and GCC. As a business strategy he experiments with products and locations continuously.

What motivated you to start a business?

“ A kiosk-based the business is easy to start up. It has low costs of entry compared to fixed format retailing. Mall owners help select locations and products.” ”
Suhail Bin Ahmad | Founder of Happy Yummy

Starting a business was a financial aspiration. I am from a humble family. I was also motivated by a desire to show that an Emirati could start and run a business. From childhood I had seen people starting businesses, and reflectively wondered why business owners were invariably expatriates.

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