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Canandaigua, NY – For anyone over 30, it’s common to look at Victor’s venerable Eastview Mall with nostalgia.

The green carpets, mom and pop retailers and restaurants scattered about the mall (no food court back then) … they all invoke a retail era that while comforting in our memories, wouldn’t last long in 2014.

Things have changed in retail — and they have obviously changed at Eastview. And we should be glad they have. After all, there is no guarantee of success for malls anymore. Plenty of them have closed around the nation and right here in the Rochester-Finger Lakes region. Irondequoit Mall, or Medley Centre as it is now called, is closed, save one retailer, and its future is dim, given the tangle current owner Scott Congel, who has grand plans for its redevelopment, is having with Monroe County over tax breaks. Rochester’s Midtown Plaza, the first mall in the region, is no more, and is being replaced by a new office/retail complex.

Meanwhile, Eastview flourishes because of the business acumen of its owners, who have made bold decisions over the years that transformed Eastview from your friendly neighborhood mall to an upscale attraction with some of the biggest names in national retailing, drawing thousands of shoppers far beyond the Rochester-Finger Lakes region.

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