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San Diego, CA – Coffique the leading Single Serve Accessory (K-CUP) company announces a new concept that focuses on the launch of their Boutique Artisan Roasted Coffee K-Cups that work with Keurig Brewers. Last year over 1 Billion K-Cups were sold , Coffique is looking for distribution in the RMU/Cart market for Shopping Centers across North America. Coffique has partnered with the Bella Group to design and manufacture these RMU’s and Kiosks keeping with the Coffique Brand. See concepts and take home samples at the Bella Group Booth at hall space #503

With the explosion of K-cups Natalie Rones the founder says “consumers have no way to purchase Artisan Roasted Fresh K-cups as the market just sells mass produced with no attention craftsman flair”. Consumer demographics show 80% K-cups are bought by women, the Coffique brand strategy focus is on just that making shopping malls ideal . Coffique looks to license to 40 carts in select geographic locations with high K-Cup consumption. By partnering with the Bella Group Coffique feels the freshness just does not stop with the Coffee , it extends to the design of the RMU’s and Kiosks as well.

At the moment Coffique sells its award winning Patented K-cup holder at retailers such as Target, Costco, Bed Bath and Beyond, JCP, Macys , Bonton and others. Coffique manufactures all its products and blends , French, Italian, Kona, Colombian, Breakfast , and Hot Cocoa . With Coffique K-cups using 11 grams of top quality Coffee , you will smell the Coffee Aroma in every shopping mall.

Consumers can mix and match their own selections and walk away with a quality product they can not find in retail market. Coffique has a special Eco friendly offer as they use Biodegradable cups and consumers can bring back their prior used K-cups feeling assured they will be taken care of.

Coffique K-Cups has been test marketed at Farmers Markets and Fairs, their accessories have already created brand equity being sold at all major retailers. Consumer can go online see that the holder is proven success by looking at rave reviews of such sites as Amazon.com. and finally have a way to buy K-cups like they would fresh bread.

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