Finding and booking specialty leasing spaces has just gotten a whole lot easier

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Stephen Katz, a seasoned retailer and co-founder of, knows only too well the struggle that users of temporary spaces in shopping centers face finding, assessing and booking suitable specialty leasing opportunities. “The reality is that specialty leasing is growing exponentially” says Katz. “It’s today an important, enduring and credible component of the shopping center landscape. The problem is that processes are generally inefficient and this costs the industry millions of dollars. It also frustrates both operator and landlord so the industry needs a more efficient way to maximize the huge opportunity out there in specialty leasing.”

Finally there’s a solution! The agonizing process of landlords and operators connecting to each other and transacting has been simplified.’s innovative online market place efficiently matches shopping center owners with users of all types of short term spaces. This news will be music to landlords’ ears as they too wrestle to effectively reach out to and transact with temporary retailers, promoters and advertisers.
“What’s needed is an automated process where temporary retail, promotional and advertising opportunities are transparent and bookings can be transacted quickly and seamlessly” Katz says.

How does it all work? “Simply” says Katz. “At the click of a button short term retailers, promoters and advertisers can now find, assess and book on-line a myriad of spaces that meet their needs. If they like the center and a particular opportunity listed they can make a booking inquiry online which go to the landlord in real time. Once bookings are approved initial rent payments are processed online and the landlord and operator then communicate directly concerning all set up arrangements. Just compare these steps to the status quo and it’s clear our platform offers a much needed solution to an industry problem. The value proposition is quite compelling”.

So if you’re wanting a short term space to test a new product or to clear inventory, or a location to promote an existing or little known product or service, or an opportunity to advertise your business or brand just visit and see how easy to find and book the opportunities you need. “Chasing landlords for data in a vacuum and then trying to transact the space you’re interested in can be a nightmare. We’ve changed the experience to a dream run.” says Katz.

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