Dr. Slim Announces New Travel Warrior Kit From MarzSprays

by Press Release

Dr. Slim Health Products today announces distribution rights for a new Travel Warrior Kit produced by MarzSprays. MarzSprays was featured on ABC’s Shark Tank and turned the Sharks into a frenzy with their unique line of Vitamin Oral Sprays. “Our products were created in part for travelers that are always concerned and focused on their better overall health”, said Brandon Marz, CEO of MarzSprays. “We are thrilled with our partnership with Dr. Slim to unveil our Travel Warrior Kit at the SPREE RECON show in Las Vegas on May 18-20, 2015. This represents an exciting new product addition to our growing popular line of Oral Sprays,” Marz said. Dr. Slim products are sold at mall kiosks, boutiques and even home parties. They were all developed at medical weight loss clinics and focus on overall health and wellness. “We are probably the only company in the health and supplement business at the SPREE RECON show this year”, said David Sussman, President of Dr. Slim Health Products. Sussman went on to mention that, “everyone takes supplements we just give kiosk owners and small and medium size stores an opportunity to capitalize on the explosion in the dietary supplement arena. We also give them a huge advantage by providing our all liquid line of formulas and drops which provide consumers an even greater advantage than taking traditional pills or capsules.” About “Dr. Slim Health Products” After spending nearly 10 years in development and after seeing over one hundred thousand patients, these products have been tried and tested for years. Our all Natural line of liquid formulas and drops are the cornerstone of our liquid platform. We also offer a complete line of skin care, Skin Lift to help aesthetically make our customers look and feel great. Dr. Slim offers an entire line of products focused on the Health and Beauty category. Please see more at www.DrSlimHealthProducts.com About “MARZ SPRAYS” Marz Sprays manufactures and distributes a line of Oral Sprays to address the top consumer challenges of immunity, energy, kid’s health, sleep aid and weight management. Compared to competitive pills, “shots” or powders, Marz Sprays are convenient, affordable and easy-to-use. Unlike pills, which nearly 100 million Americans indicate they have trouble swallowing, oral sprays absorb quickly, contain no binders, fillers or glue and are easy to carry and transport. Marz Sprays products are Sugar-Free and Gluten-Free and are designed to last up to one month, making the line affordable and effective. Marz Sprays are fully developed, tested, patent-pending and trademarked. Our sprays are manufactured under strict FDA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Our lab has been audited and approved by leading independent bodies as well as by governmental health authorities worldwide. Marz Sprays are proudly made in the U.S.A. Please contact Al@drslimhealthproducts.com for additional information or visit us at Spree Recon, Booth #133

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