The iKen Group Release Their Exclusive Holy Cross Dial iKen Watches

by Press Release

The iKen Group Inc., which are the proud manufacturers of America’s most interchangeable watch, The iKen Watch (, are excited to announce the distribution of their exclusive cross dial timepieces for summer 2014! The iKen brand is the first of its kind to create trendy watches that have over 248,000 unique combinations, where each guys and girls timepiece is fully customizable, from the bezel, the casing, the straps, and even the face – all in vivid color. Standing by their company’s mission to inspire creativity and passion in everyday life, iKen Watches are introducing a holy cross within the timepiece’s dial to help connect individuals more to their spiritual side, while looking fashionable. Commenting from iKen’s headquarters in New York City, Paru Radia, the brand’s creator explains, “We’ve received such a positive response to our watches across the US. At two major trade shows in the South, we’ve been asked by customers for something for the inspirational market where their customers can have as much fun as everyone else, creating their own timepiece. We firmly believe each individual is unique in their beliefs and should not have to hide, and what they wear shouldn’t either. We’re so excited to finally offer something special to an even wider range of customers!” The new cross dial watch is now available online at and in select retail locations across the United States. For further information:

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