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Winter 2015 Making the Leap

Energetic concept has franchisees jumping for joy.

Imagine having a business where you spend each day with a building full of happy kids and parents that are literally bouncing off the walls. For the people at Rockin’ Jump, this is their business and it is built around fun indoor activities for kids in a safe environment—while providing some comfort and service for the parents as well.

Rockin’ Jump is an indoor activity center primarily made up of trampoline play areas. The facilities are segmented into different activity centers such as dodgeball, basketball, as well as a foam pit, and trampoline-only arena.

RockinJump1Rockin’ Jump prides itself in creating the best experience for kids and parents, which generally means different things, says Aaron Bakken, director of franchise marketing. Kids are most interested in having fun and each Rockin’ Jump facility is designed to deliver just that. Each 18,000- to 22,000-square-foot facility has wall-to-wall trampoline areas with music cranking and an engaging staff.

Parents’ needs are not forgotten either. Facilities are clean and safe and provide a comfortable café, party rooms, and free Wi-Fi for those not jumping. A personal party host helps in various ways—from entertaining the partygoers to serving food.

Bakken says Rockin’ Jump’s fun, engaging, energetic staff members have created a unique culture and atmosphere not seen at competitors. The company has low incident rates for the industry and has even developed its own trademarked safety process called JumpSafe. The program, implemented at all Rockin’ Jump facilities, includes the Jump Patrol, a dedicated staff member in each jump area to monitor participants for safe behavior. JumpSafe standards also require extra padding, more netting, special no-slip socks, and segregated jumping areas for smaller, younger, or less experienced jumpers. Customers watch a safety video prior to jumping. Their success formula includes a lower cost of start-up with smaller facilities.

Franchise logistics

RockinJump2Rockin’ Jump was hatched in 2010 by two families in California looking for a clean, safe indoor setting for kids and families to exercise and have fun. They now have a total of four corporate locations and one franchise. There are 29 additional franchise locations that are currently in various stages of development.

Indoor activity centers are not a new concept, so to compete in the space Rockin’ Jump developed a unique proposition for customers and franchisees centered on safety, cleanliness and fun. As a franchise business opportunity, Rockin’ Jump has gone to great lengths to differentiate itself from others in the business by building an open buying experience with highly personal interaction with the corporate office. Franchisees are brought in as part of the family and because the company is still relatively small, the management structure is less formal and
more collaborative.

Franchisees have a ground-level opportunity with Rockin’ Jump. Bakken says he is looking for franchisees that have not only the soul and passion for this type of business, but also the financial capital and business experience to be successful. “Our franchisees are people looking to make a fun, safe place for kids and families to play in
their community.”

Rockin’ Jump is looking to expand into areas with 250,000 residents in the nearby geographical area. Average sales are $2 million plus café sales with a staff of about 40-60 employees. Locations are generally in light-industrial parks near retail zones where 18,000- to 22,000-square-foot facilities are affordable and the ceilings are high enough. Mall locations are an option too.

Franchise fees

RockinJump3To start, the franchise fee is $40,000 with a 6 percent annual royalty. Typically, the full cost to get a facility built, permitted, staffed and opened is around $1 million to $1.2 million, depending on how much build-out has to be done. Bakken says that an average franchisee finances 60 to 70 percent of the start-up costs.

Bakken has built his franchise structure around a personalized support system to help each franchisee be successful. He’s even a franchisee himself. The company provides 13 days of training for the management teams as well as a dedicated project manager to help with location build-out. They also provide lots of marketing support including social media marketing, print materials, website, email marketing templates as well as ongoing support and training. Because of low incident rates, the company has been able to secure very competitive insurance rates for its facilities. Generally speaking, insurance costs run about 3-5 percent of gross sales for each facility.

Ready to jump in? If you are passionate about providing a fun indoor place to play for families in your community, Rockin’ Jump might be just the business opportunity you are looking for.

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Melissa M. Kellogg

Melissa M. Kellogg is a freelance writer specializing in small business, marketing, social media and retail business management. She is based in Edwards, CO, and is a regular contributor to GIFT SHOP magazine. Her work has also been published in various newspapers and magazines in the U.S. and Mexico

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