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Spring 2014 Big on Burritos

Say Hola! to the first burrito-dispensing kiosk. The Burritobox is set for rapid international growth.

Holy guacamole! Mexican food lovers can now get their burrito fix from a special vending kiosk that dispenses their favorite food.

Denis Koci, CEO of the Los Angeles-based Box Brands, creators of the Burritobox, says the time is right for such a machine. The first of its kind was installed at a gas station in West Hollywood, CA in 2013 and another one followed in January.

burritoboxbigThe Burritobox utilizes an interactive touch-screen menu that lets customers choose between five burrito flavors at $3 each. Choices include Chorizo Sausage, Roasted Potato, Uncured Bacon, Free-Range Chicken and Shredded Beef. Sour cream, Tabasco sauce and guacamole can be purchased extra. The company says the food is hormone- and antibiotic-free. Once the customer pays for the selection (credit cards are accepted), the burrito is heated while a short music video plays on the interactive screen. The heated burrito is then delivered along with sides, if any.

Koci  says that the environmental footprint of such a machine is small, since it requires very little electricity and plugs into a regular 110V wall outlet. “We probably use less electricity out of our machine than a restaurant does in just one oven,” he says. “Our kiosks also provide a quicker route than going to a fast-food restaurant, 60 seconds is a short amount of time to wait for your meal.” The Burritobox might also be able to appease late-night cravings at a time when most other restaurants are closed. “We’re excited at the possibility of taking over the late night and early morning fast-food space going forward,” Koci says.

Koci adds that exciting new features are in the works for the Gen 2 version of the Burritobox, which will release in May. As a tease, he promises that new features will make sure that the kiosk doesn’t get mistaken for a vending machine and that the kiosk will make Chipotle sit up and take notice. A drive-through option is being looked at as well.


Growth potential

Currently, Burritoboxes are in just two locations but a pilot program starting this year will see them in malls, airports, universities and national retailers by summer. “We’re
in all 50 states and licensing territories internationally,” Koci says. “My goal is to have 1,000 kiosks in the market internationally within 12 months.”

“We are building a high volume of corporate-owned and operated kiosks. We are also franchising in all 50 states and Canada, and have received a tremendous amount of inquiries to franchise with us, so we believe this will be a big growth avenue for us,” Koci says. “The initial cost is less than six figures. We’re making sure our franchisees have an ROI of one year or less.”

Potential franchisees or business owners interested in hosting a Burritobox location can apply for consideration on the company’s website at tastetheburritobox.com/franchise/.

Keith Loria

Keith Loria is a seasoned writer who has written about business, entertainment and sports. When not writing, he enjoys spending time with his daughters Jordan and Cassidy. He can be reached at freelancekeith@gmail.com.

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