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Spring 2014 17th Annual Visual Victories Awards 2014

Best Promotional Cart Display

First Place

801 Polaris
Retailer: Kaufman Development, LLC
Location: Polaris Fashion Place, Columbus, OH
Center/Owner: Glimcher
Entry submitted by: Jennifer Barker
Visual Merchandiser: Dure Dixon

801 Polaris transforms this RMU by using clean, relevant and simple graphics. The black and white contrast and the use of complementary colors, keep focus on the message. Rebecca Wiltshire points out that the well-balanced design and use of media give a quick understanding of what is on offer. The large architectural drawings draw audience attention at a quick glance. Suzanne Paradeis says the bit of “eco” theme would have made her stop and look at what was on offer.


Second Place

Bluegrass-2-2ndBluegrass Landscaping Ltd.
Retailer: Conrad Fehr, Verlin Torkelson
Location: Park Place Shopping Centre, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
Center/Owner: Primaris Management
Entry submitted by: Debi Henderson
Visual Merchandiser: n/a

Bluegrass Landscaping Ltd. truly showcases their work and design talents with this stunning setup. Many elements—rock, stone, wood, foliage and water—all work in the small space to reflect the company’s full capabilities. Balance is created through the use of height, color and texture. Many will visualize their personal backyards transformed into little oases with the help of Bluegrass Landscaping. Jerry Jones sums it up best: “Wow! This promotional layout is stunning. [It] leaves you longing for summer and a backyard with this landscape. There is no doubt that this landscape company is generating sales leads from this shopping center’s customers.”

Third Place

La-Presse2-3rdLa Presse+
Retailer: Steven Ledoux
Location: Place Rosemere, Quebec, Canada
Center/Owner: Morguard Investments Ltd.
Entry submitted by: Sophia Lavergne
Visual Merchandiser: n/a

La Presse’s logo color is incorporated into the large-format graphics and seating—all anchored with the rug. This helps customers stay focused on the message. Media content replaces the need for onsite staff and leaves the customer feeling less pressured. Self-service stations allow customers to engage at their own pace.

Brett Beaudette

Brett Beaudette serves as Lead Retail Designer and Design Manager for Mall of America, in addition to owning his own design consulting business, Ideal Productions & Design. Beaudette specializes in creating unique and successful inline, kiosk and RMU designs and merchandising strategies. He has been featured on HGTV and Travel Channel specials for his mall holiday décor and store design sets, and can be reached at

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