Spring 2014 17th Annual Visual Victories Awards 2014

Imagine your customer walking along in the mall, casually browsing, occasionally distracted by her phone. Now think of what it might take for her to stop at your door. That something is called effective merchandising. Practically nothing works to turn heads as well as a beautifully accessorized kiosk or RMU. In a world full of ho-hum, it’s the one vehicle that you can use to draw customers in. What’s more, powerful visual merchandising is a great shot in the arm for your sales team—beautiful displays help sell product. It’s why Specialty Retail Report recognizes outstanding work in this category every year.

Ivanhoe Cambridge, a premier Montreal-based development and management firm, is the sponsor of this, our 17th Annual Visual Victories Awards. The company’s beautiful centers are a testament to its faith in the power of visual merchandising. We thank Ivanhoe Cambridge for their sponsorship—by doing so, they join Specialty Retail Report in recognizing the outstanding professionals who every day, put in their best effort in making every kiosk, RMU and inline store stand out.

VisVicLogo2014-red_wht-typeThe Visual Victories Awards applauds winning efforts in these seven categories:

  • Best Cart Display
  • Best Kiosk Display
  • Best Promotional Display
  • Best Store Design
  • Best Store Signage
  • Best Use of a Prop
  • Most Improved Retail Display

Our panel of judges represents a diverse cross-section of the specialty leasing industry. We thank them for their valuable contributions in helping make the contest a success.

Amanda Cole
Miracle Mile Shops
Sal Babbino
NYS Collection
David Bazzoni
Sportula Products
Deborah Georgetti-Piro
The Mills
David Zimmer
Provenzano Resources
Jerry Jones
CBL & Associates
Linda Johansen-James
American Kiosk Mgmt
Karen Maben
Claudine Lavoie
Ivanhoe Cambridge
Lori Stuart
Ivanhoe Cambridge
Marie A. VanDrisse
FC Dadson Inc.
David Palomo
General Growth Properties
Rebecca Wiltshire
Shoe MGK
Shannon Spahr
Simon Property Group
Suzanne Cayley
Suzanne Cayley Consulting
Suzanne Paradeis
Premium Outlets

Tracey Hatley
Jones Lang LaSalle
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Brett Beaudette

Brett Beaudette serves as Lead Retail Designer and Design Manager for Mall of America, in addition to owning his own design consulting business, Ideal Productions & Design. Beaudette specializes in creating unique and successful inline, kiosk and RMU designs and merchandising strategies. He has been featured on HGTV and Travel Channel specials for his mall holiday décor and store design sets, and can be reached at
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