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Spring 2013 All Dolled Up

DollsAsi15-copyA new store at Miami International Mall is proving that its business model is no child’s play.

There’s not just one new face at Miami International Mall in Doral, FL. There are dozens of them on the dolls originally designed by Angela Simon, namesake of Dolls Asi. The inline store, a fairly recent addition to the mall, sells dolls, accessories, clothing, and shoes. Shoppers can even purchase children’s clothing to match several selections of doll apparel.

However, children are not the only recipients of the high-quality dolls. “Customers have purchased our dolls as gifts for adult friends,” says Lilia Perez, General Manager. Although most customers are adults buying dolls for their children, grandchildren, or the children of friends, some of them purchase the dolls to decorate their own homes.

Each doll is born in the company’s factory in Madrid, Spain and comes to the U.S. with its own birth certificate. The baby dolls are available in 8”, 14”, and 36”  sizes. Prices range from $24.99 – $45.99. There is even a baby boy doll in the mix. Dolls are available in various sizes with prices ranging from $30.65 – $122.50. Accessories include but are not limited to car seats, cribs and strollers.

The collection’s top seller is “Pepa” and is available in several different colors and lengths of hair. Perez credits the store’s large selection as one factor in their success. “Any time you come into the store, there is something new to see, all year round,” she says. New merchandise is on display regularly, and the floor is changed often. Merchandise is themed for events such as birthdays, and holidays.

Driving doll sales

Perez isn’t aware of any direct competition, but says that the design and quality of their dolls, clothing, and accessories speak for themselves and keeps the store in its own league. “Many customers say that they are impressed with the quality. Our products are durable, and the colors are good. The customers come back for this.” She attributes the store’s success to the customers’ response to their product. “They fall in love instantly once they walk in. They see things they remember from their own childhoods.”

The factory and store in Madrid opened in 1942, and made a big leap by branching out to the United States. Perez says that the management at Simon Property Group was supportive during the launch. “They are always helpful when we call and answer our questions quickly. There are a lot of people working in the offices and we have never had a problem getting assistance. We are happy with the mall security too,” she says. She added that they are in a good location, but it is too early to determine if they will move to a permanent lease. “We are waiting for the right time to make that decision,” says Perez.

When asked what advice she has for other retailers, Perez suggests pursuing the dreams of the customer, remembering that they like to walk into a nicely decorated store, and provide excellent customer service with kindness and respect. Both English and Spanish speaking customers will be able to converse in their native language in the store.


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Sharon Anne Waldrop

Sharon Anne Waldrop resides in Crawford, GA. Her work has been published in GIFT SHOP, Good Housekeeping, Health, Natural Health,, and many other national consumer magazines.

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