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Fall 2012 What’s Not to “Like?”

New self-serve kiosk converts customers into active Facebook fans.

KonnectedLikeMachineMeierO-copyImagine your customer has just completed a transaction at your business and seems to be happy with the items purchased and the level of customer service received. Wouldn’t now be a good time to request that she “like” your store’s Facebook page? That is precisely what the Konnected self-serve kiosk does – it lets customers like Facebook pages on site when they’re most likely to.

In the summer of 2011, Will Damhuis, Director of Konnected LLC in West Palm Beach, FL, came up with the
idea of creating a kiosk where customers could like a business’s Facebook page right on location, eliminating the need for a smartphone or having to remember to like the page back at home. Damhuis, with a background in finance and sales, found an engineer and manufacturer to design the kiosk.

The like kiosk

The “Like Machine” consists of an iPad that is set by default to only go to that particular company’s Facebook page; no other Facebook pages or websites can be accessed. A customer logs in to his or her Facebook account, clicks the “like” button on the business Facebook page and logs out. If patrons forget to log out, the machine will automatically sign them out after 30 seconds of inactivity.

KonnectedLike-MachineMeier-copyA third of Konnected LLC’s, business is event-based – machines can be set up at tradeshows, car shows, wine tastings and community events; another third are temporary three-to -12 month leases, and the final third are permanent locations.

Clients include Lands’ End, Golf Pride and Farmers Insurance Group, and there’s also a kiosk right at Facebook headquarters.

The Like Machine is available in a countertop version as well as a freestanding ATM-like size kiosk. Pricing starts at $995 for the desktop version to $2,995 for the large, illuminated kiosk. Leases are available for short-term use.

Konnected’s clients often offer an incentive for customers to “like” their page – either in the form of a coupon, free gift or having their names entered into a raffle contest. Placing the kiosk in a high-traffic location and encouraging customers to use it is key in gaining new Facebook fans, Damhuis says.

“A lot of brands are moving to capture people at events, and the kiosk can help measure traffic. If you see a sign that says ‘like us on Facebook’ you might think ‘I’ll do it later,’ but it’s not on your priority list and you’d get home and forget, or you can’t find that specific business page sometimes. If someone says we’ll hand you a gift card or free sticker or other incentive, you’ll like the page right now instead.”

Plans for expansion

Konnected is looking to target the mall space and large national retailers, although they’ve found small, local businesses easier to reach. “Getting a meeting with the small business owner or a chain of 10 or 20 stores is an easier process.  Mall businesses are often harder to penetrate.”

However, the beauty of the product, Damhuis says, is its universal appeal. “Any business looking to grow their Facebook likes [is our target]. The majority of our growth has been organic and it advertises for itself; I don’t think there’s been a single business or event where it hasn’t generated another phone call or more interest.”

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Kristin Larson Contino

Kristin Contino is a freelance writer and copy editor based in Philadelphia. She writes for a variety of print publications and blogs, and also covers women's fiction for

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