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Fall 2012 Tips for Trendy Carts

Sometimes it’s easy to overlook the elements of visual merchandising principles. Here’s a look at how three carts have stuck to the basics with bold results.

A cart rollout is a special opportunity to merchandise from scratch. The recent cart rollout at the Valencia Town Center in Valencia, CA, included 20 RMUs with a new look. Many of the carts were given a few more visual extras by way of custom fixtures, graphics, and props.

Here’s a glimpse at some of the carts and a few tips to help you create your own cool looks.

Soaring to New Heights

Visual Merchandiser: Deca Dramatic Traditions
Graphic Design: Deca Dramatic Traditions
Fixture Design: Deca Dramatic Traditions

This cart is all about going fast and flying higher. Every item has its place. Perfectly stacked helicopters, cars, and boats create impact using clean straight lines and organized rows.


  • When possible, introduce fixtures that will add additional storage.
  • Evaluate your product assortment to determine if your display will be light, medium, or heavy in fixture pieces.
  • Add fixtures that look like an extension of the existing RMU, and that also complement its color and finish. In this example, the center riser was fabricated to match the color and textured finish of the RMU.
  • When adding fixtures try not to create a wall and maintain an open, see-through presentation.
  • Hardware accessories such as peg hooks, bars, sign holders, and even hangers should be consistent or complementary in colors and finish.


Toy Treats

Visual Merchandiser: Deca Dramatic Traditions
Graphic Design: Deca Dramatic Traditions
Fixture Design: Sand Mountain

This brightly colored cart concept is just right for its clientele: kids and the “kid-at-heart.” Angry Birds and Super Mario are just two of the brands being vividly displayed on shelves, u-bars, and peg hooks. The cart’s vinyl wrap and light box graphic bring the primary colors together and accentuate the whimsy of the merchandise to create a really fun look.


  • Merchandise with color using techniques like color blocking and repetition.
  • Merchandising by theme makes it easier for the customer to shop for an item within a particular brand.
  • Merchandise is often touched, moved, or removed. Make sure to constantly re-merchandise.


Custom Cool

Visual Merchandiser: Deca Dramatic Traditions
Graphic Design: Deca Dramatic Traditions
Fixture Design: Sand Mountain

The Customizers kiosk is all about the graphics. To keep the customer’s focus on the bold shirts, the kiosk has a simple modular cart design. The product speaks for itself—no need to over-accessorize.


  • Keep it clean and simple when the product is bold.
  • Add layers, dimension, and raised surfaces to increase visual excitement. In this example, the shirt panels were made to allow the shirts to have a semi-rounded, curved look.


Marshawn Wallace

Marshawn Wallace is the owner and visual merchandiser of Deca Dramatic Traditions. She specializes in holiday décor, graphics and fixture design, implementation and installation of store, kiosk and RMU concepts. For more information, please visit

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