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Spring 2011 Sizing Made Simple

Mybestfit, a new kiosk concept, takes the guesswork out of shopping.

A new technology is allowing shoppers at Pennsylvania’s King of Prussia Mall to find perfect pants without the frustration of going from store to store trying on dozens of pairs. Mybestfit, a concept from apparel fit specialists Unique Solutions, opened at the mall last September and has since served nearly 7,000 shoppers.

In less time than it takes to try on a few pairs of jeans, mybestfit gives mall customers a guide to the specific styles and sizes that are best suited for them. Best of all, the service is free.

Scan and size

The process is simple: A shopper steps inside the mybestfit kiosk, which resembles a shower stall, and stands still for just 10 seconds. A scanning wand rotates around the customer, taking his or her body measurements using low power radio waves that bounce off the surface of the skin. These signals are similar to, but have less power than, a typical cell phone call and do not expose the customer to radiation, according to mybestfit’s director of marketing and sponsorships, Elizabeth Thomas.

When the wand’s rotation is complete, software then compares the shopper’s measurements to the sizing specifications of brands represented in the system. The customer steps outside of the kiosk and within a few minutes a detailed shopping guide is printed containing the top styles recommended for his or her body type and where they can be purchased in the mall.

Trent MacLean, former president of Seven Jeans and Paige Premium Denim, is executive vice president of retail at Unique Solutions. “Once you’ve been scanned, you don’t have to do it again, unless you change weight,” MacLean says. “You can login to mybestfit’s website or go to the kiosk and generate a new report to see new styles that have been added since you’ve been scanned. We want people to see it as the first stop in a shopping process.”

Tailored to retailers

In addition to providing shoppers with a valuable service, mybestfit also benefits mall retailers and apparel brands. “We have heard from store managers that mybestfit has been very effective in driving traffic into their stores,” Thomas says. “Customers are being introduced to new brands they have never heard of—or are finding they fit into brands that they didn’t think they could wear.”

Similar to Google AdWords, apparel brands pay a small fee if their style is recommended by the mybestfit software—this is how the company makes money.

Customers receive an email after they are scanned inviting them to create a login for the mybestfit website to view their suggested styles. “When we do an email, we want to be sure there’s a good reason and that it’s tailored to the shopper,” MacLean says. “In the future we’ll have the ability to target specific customers and say ‘here are some new styles that will fit you’.”

MacLean says there are plans to unveil mybestfit locations at other malls across the country and that the company is currently in conversations with major mall owners to determine the rollout strategy.

MacLean says the response so far has been extremely positive. “If you talk to a store manager at King of Prussia, one top goal is to get more people in the store, and the other is to convert traffic to a sale. Mybestfit is a tool for the retailers, and King of Prussia as a mall is looking good because they’re perceived by a retailer as adding a service that no other mall has right now. It’s a win-win situation.”

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