Dealing with Retail Theft

How to Prevent Loss During the Holidays and Beyond

Reduce your shrinkage with these tips. Theft will occur in your store and by a two to one margin your employees will steal the most from you, says John Hassard, l... »

Stop Thief! Five Tips to Minimize Retail Theft

In the common area, security can be a challenge. But you don’t need high-cost devices to keep your merchandise safe. Here are five tips you can implement now to ke... »

Stop Thief!

Whether you have an inline store, a cart or a kiosk, certain security challenges apply to all. Here are some tips for keeping shoplifters at bay. Shoplifting: Few p... »

Strategies to Prevent Shoplifting and Employee Theft

In partnership with the National Retail Federation and ADT Security, retail-loss expert Dr. Richard Hollinger of the University of Florida Department of Criminology,... »

Shrink Your Holiday Shrink

As sure as you'll see a jolly, chubby man in a red Santa suit in the mall this coming holiday season, at least one shoplifter will stroll up to your cart or kiosk, h... »

It’s a Steal!

Security Challenges Specialty retailers have plenty of things to keep them up at night: rising rents, employee turnover and sales targets that need to be met. Unfort... »

Six Ways to Stop a Thief!

Nothing makes a retailer happier than moving merchandise—but not when it moves by "customers" who don't bother to stop at your cash register. Shoplifting, or "... »

Stop, Thief!

How to Prevent Shoplifting Statistically, you and every specialty retailer are positioned to lose big. That's how it looks, according to the research. A 1999 survey ... »

Take the “Bounce” out of Bad Checks

With electronic transactions growing like the tentacles of an octopus around today's business world, a paper-based predicament such as checks may seem like a throwba... »

Employee Theft: Chipping Away at Your Bottom Line

Employee theft and shoplifting cost America's retailers more than $20 billion a year—that's nearly $55 million a day. A 1999 survey of 11,202 retail stores con... »
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