Retailer Profiles

ZoomShops Flying High in Airports-and Beyond

What's a ZoomShop? It's a sleek, interactive automated retail store that uses cutting-edge technology to attract shoppers' attention, answer their product questions,... »

Retail With a Mission

Boston's Northeastern University School of Technological Entrepreneurship recently studied what drives entrepreneurs to launch new businesses. Nearly two-thirds said... »

Smokin’ Hot

Some products come along at just the right time, when societal trends and technological advances merge to create new markets for savvy entrepreneurs. Elicko Taieb an... »

All That Glitters… Sells

Eric Andrew finds it hard to describe how he gets his ideas for the one-of-a-kind jewelry he designs, handcrafts and sells through five mall carts. "The designs jus... »

Now Playing: Specialty Retail 2.0

The fact that Webkinz, Club Penguin, Neopets and other innovative companies have made millions by successfully merging brick-and-mortar sales with Web-based social m... »

Wind Power: Making Sales a Breeze

When artist Ron Spinks started dabbling in metalwork at his home studio in Denton, TX several years ago, the idea that by 2008 he would have one of the hottest cart ... »

Innovation Fires Up Spa Concepts

When Ajay and Meenakshi Chadha first noticed consumers' skyrocketing interest in stress-relief products about 10 years ago, the couple was actively searching for a n... »

Micabella’s Mineral Magic

Eli Frenkel knew he was looking at a winner when he and his partners, Roni Paz and Jovany Mamo, spotted a fresh new mineral makeup line at a tradeshow a few years ag... »

Seacret Spa’s Secret to Success

When Robert Meirovich started selling Dead Sea skincare products in 2002, they were just starting to capture the attention of consumers, mostly women but some men. T... »

Partnering for Growth

Sometimes the whole is greater than its parts. That's what a number of specialty retail companies have decided when looking for innovative ways to increase sales and... »

Flying High at UJ Trading

Ayhan Yuce is a driven entrepreneur: Even before he's reached one goal, he's got another bigger goal in his sights. Although sales for his Houston, TX-based UJ Tradi... »

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun at Spa’ Ladi-da!

Billed as "a pampering retreat for girls," Spa' Ladi-da! is a spa designed for girls ages 7 to 14, so naturally hot pink, lime green and other bright colors adorn th... »

There’s No Business Like Snow Business!

In 2003, Joseph and Sigal Sherman needed "an in" to the world of specialty retail. They knew they wanted to launch a cart business, but they needed a fresh new produ... »

Blue Skies Ahead for Airport Wireless

Iris Goldschmidt's vision of the future began to form a decade ago in the middle of a crowded airport. On her way to California to visit her son, she walked through ... »

Beanbag Bonanza

Baby boomers know the truth to the adage, "Don't throw out your jeans—20 years from now they'll be in style." The same can be said of beanbag furniture. Put a ... »
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