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by Katherine Poythress and Roger Showley

Carlsbad, CA – Westfield Plaza Camino Real, Carlsbad’s 45-year-old indoor mall, is finally discovering its inner beach chic.

In a $300 million expanded makeover, the rebranded Westfield Carlsbad south of state Route 78 and just east of Buena Vista Lagoon is ripping off its roof, shuttering its 120 inline stores and adding in a whole new lineup of shopping and dining establishments, entertainment venues, olive trees, water features and maybe a microbrewery.

“We really studied the market and developed a story around what we wanted to fit the community,” said Jerry Engen, senior vice president for development in San Diego. “It was all about north coastal communities, the Carlsbad lifestyle. We coined the term ‘beach chic.’ It’s like a modern home on the beach, with softer edges, natural materials, lush landscaping.”

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