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If history is the best predictor of the future, Halloween Adventure’s next 25 years, will be an exciting business experience, so says, Lenny Goldman, owner and president of Halloween Adventure CA. Goldman, knowing the satisfaction of growing a very successful enterprise, may be setting his sites on a different Adventure.

Twenty-five years ago, Goldman, new to an emerging seasonal Halloween concept, opened 2 stores. In its first season, Halloween Adventure opened in a Granada Hills, Ca shopping center and The Oaks Mall in Thousand Oaks, Ca. At that time, a seasonal retail operator in Southern California was an oddity. Christmas tree and pumpkin patch lots were pretty much what the public considered seasonal retail.

The original 2 store season, grew up to 20 stores per seasons. A few years ago, in addition to its seasonal operation, Halloween Adventure expanded to 3 permanent stores in addition to his seasonal outlets. The year-round stores are in Canoga Park, Sherman Oaks and San Bernardino, Ca.

Goldman remembers, wanting to offer the shopper an “entertainment retail experience”. To that end, interior spaces of the stores were professionally designed to be reminiscent of a medieval castle. Store windows were decked out with new props and accessories many customers had never even seen. The physical stores became attractions in and of themselves. Visitors to the stores, frequently remarked it was if the circus had come to town without the elephants. Seemingly overnight, stores were professionally designed, constructed and merchandised where customers found an amazing array of product in stores opened only from August – November 1.

Customers continue to flock to the Halloween Adventure CA seasonal locations September 1 – November 1. In the final week of the holiday, because demand is so high, Halloween Adventure CA customers lineup waiting for their chance to enter the store. The entertainment value of the stores has not been lost on the media. Television interviews, print media stories/photos and location for film and television production have become commonplace.

Twenty five years ago, the public’s interest in Halloween centered primarily on children. Trick and Treating was the main event. Adult interest in dressing up, having parties took off only to rival the interest of kids resulting in the company’s $100 Million of sales over 25 years of operation. Today, Halloween is the #2 retail holiday.

It became very apparent with its expansion, the company needed to grow its infrastructure. Forming a staff nucleus that could carry the company’s momentum from one season to the next was vital. Systems were developed that met merchandise purchasing, warehouse management, human resources and financial standards. That nucleus remains intact. Developing exceptional relationships with suppliers and landlords was paramount. Goldman proudly points out, during its 25 years, Halloween Adventure CA has never been late on a rent or not paid its vendors. Halloween Adventure maintains stellar credit.

The Halloween Adventure CA, culture has embraced offering goods and services at competitive prices but also connecting with the community to help serve schools, churches and temples. The company continues it noteworthy fundraising past and present partnerships with national charitable organizations including St. Jude’s Hospital for Children and National Multiple Sclerosis Society. These fundraising efforts have resulted in Halloween Adventure’s elite national sponsorship status among major companies including Wells Fargo Bank.

Lenny Goldman who is immensely proud of what the company has been able to achieve is looking to other Adventures. In doing so, he is selling Halloween Adventure so that he can focus on other life long dreams. Halloween Adventure offers a unique turn-key company with unbelievable opportunity for growth and expansion, says Goldman. The opportunities for this company the next 25 years are endless, Goldman adds, The Adventure continues.

Direct all inquiries to Lenny Goldman, 818-341-0217, 8441 Canoga Ave. Canoga Park, CA 91304,

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