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by Michael Barrett

Gastonia, NC – Remember that bulky, brick-like cellphone from the mid-1990s you have tucked away in a desk drawer? Or the dated flip phone you bought a few years later that’s right beside it? Or its garish, forgotten cousin with the protruding antenna? Owners of such dinosaurs of mobile communication seldom know how to get rid of them. But one company with a Gastonia presence gives holders of old cellphones an option for recycling them responsibly, while getting cash in the process.

The newer and more reusable the device, the more money you’ll get back, of course. “The average household has five to six devices like this just sitting around, and most people have no idea what to do with them,” said Ryan Kuder, a vice president with San Diego-based ecoATM. “Our goal is to place our kiosks in convenient locations, make them incredibly easy to use, and provide an incentive for people to recycle.”

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