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by Gavin Lipsith

Denver, CO – Denver International Airport has reported concession revenue of US$294.8 million in 2013, up by +5.15% on the previous year. A +6.4% increase in concession revenue per passenger, to US$11.22, more than offset a -1.2% decrease in passenger traffic.

The airport, which introduced a pioneering concession review programme in October 2012, opened 21 new or updated outlets last year – the most ever opened in a single year. The changes are part of a three-year process in which 75% of Denver’s commercial offer will be transformed.

The concession programme, covering more than 140 outlets over 170,000sq ft, generated US$47.5 million in rental revenue for the airport and around US$10 million in sales taxes to the City and County of Denver.

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