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by Sandra McNeill

Detroit, MI – A Detroit man is hoping to bring a little magic back to downtown.

Spielhaus Toys, located on Woodward Avenue near Campus Martius, will be open through Christmas Eve, offering local families the chance to buy popular toys from years past. The whole thing is the brain child of stay-at-home dad Kurt Spieles, who said the store will feature nostalgic toys, with an eye to keeping away from what the big box stores sell.

“We have Slinky and the Slinky Dog, we’re going to have Etch-a-Sketch, Silly Putty, Super Balls and just a lot of fun things that, you know, are low priced,” he said. “We’re going to have puppets, plenty of puppets, we have marble mazes, we have circuit kits, and we’re going to have dolls houses and cars and trucks for the toddlers to play with.”

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