Forest Lawn Mall Kiosks: Make Burial Plans While Shopping

by Amber Bogins

Detroit, MI – Detroit is reinventing itself and the way businesses operate in the city.

A new business model in Detroit appears to be pop-up businesses which are springing up in key areas, including Midtown, Corktown and the Villages. The emergence and success of pop-ups will be discussed Thursday, Feb. 28, during the Detroit Policy Conference hosted by the Detroit Regional Chamber. The panel discussion will be moderated by Claire Nelson, publisher for Model D Media.

The panelists include Jordi Carbonell, owner of Café Con Leche del Easte; Brian Ellison, business advocate for the city of Detroit; Bryan Lively, vice president of retail for Moosejaw Mountaineering; and Rachel Lutz, owner of The Peacock Room and Emerald Gift Shop. Café Con Leche, Moosejaw Mountaineering and the Emerald Gift Shop have opened pop-up shops in Detroit successfully. The panelist will discuss the lessons they’ve learned and policies that would make pop-up businesses a permanent fixture in Detroit’s growing small business environment.