The World's Largest Resource for the Cart, Kiosk, and Temporary Retail Industry
by Sarah Stuteville

Seattle, WA - Sunday afternoon, about a week before Christmas, and Northgate Mall is a mosh pit of shoppers juggling bags and chasing kids to the blaring soundtrack of “Winter Wonderland.”

It’s a familiar scene. Our cheerful, if harried, consumerism is as much a holiday ritual as any traditional meal or family gathering.

But by the Victoria’s Secret, between a kiosk advertising the new Fiat and one selling massaging recliners, is a water pump next to a life-size cardboard goat.

“If you could have the best gift ever, what would it be?” asks Kelly Hopkins of distracted passers-by. “In countries where people wake up without clean water, nutritious food, health care or education or business opportunities, a goat can be a really good gift!”

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