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by Michael Luongo

Airport shopping used to be mainly for the desperate or bored. But as airports seek to generate more revenue, they have been expanding their offerings of stores and other services, and some time-constrained business travelers now say they find gift-worthy items before their flights.

Ernest Troth, president of the North Loudoun Corporation, a military equipment supplier in Virginia, for instance, said stopping for layovers at the airport in Denver was “a life saver when it comes to shopping on an otherwise tightly scheduled business trip.” The connection, he said, is “easy to make, and there are two shops I always stop in for handmade, unique jewelry and gifts.”

Mr. Troth said that the two shops, Mosaic and Earth Spirit, which are part of small chains run by Avila Retail of Albuquerque, let travelers “find a gift that looks like you shopped long and hard for it.” Rather than experiencing what he called “male shopping syndrome — go in, get confused and then you leave,” he said, “I’ve walked into both with 20 minutes to flight time, described a concept or color or type of gift I was looking for, and was out in time for the flight home with gifts I’m happy with.”

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