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by Bart Bishop

Spartanburg, SC - The newly opened Gallery at WestGate Mall in Spartanburg is looking to fill a niche in the Upstate area. Local business owners Cam Latchlean and Joe Trudeau opened the 2,500-square-foot shop on Nov. 10 to showcase local artists with one caveat: The art has to be handmade.

“We do all right with other businesses,” Latchlean says, “so we’re treating this like a nonprofit.”

The money that’s made comes from renting space to local artists for $10 a month. Latchlean maintains several stores in the mall, including the E-cigarette kiosk Vital Vapors, and restaurants in the area. Trudeau has done programming for Internet commerce, and has partnered with Latchlean for years on several projects.

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