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August 7th, 2012Bag-O-Loot Expands Product Line

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Bag-O-Loot, the Irresistibly Fun card game, has announced three new additions to their product line for the 2012 holiday season with the goal of increased ticket sales, repeat business, and higher margins.
First off the press is a new version of the game called Bag-O-Loot Junior.  Game play is simplified so that kids as young as six can join in on the fun and that sweet 6-9 year old demographic is reached directly.  From a retailers point of view, the game is also much simpler to talk about and demonstrate.  As an added improvement, the both versions of the game now come in a blister pack.  The shiny draw string bag will still grab your attention in the store and the colorful, informative packaging will help the game sell itself. (
Next up, their official mascot, Snitch the Fraccoon, is now available as a cute and cuddly plush toy.  (No, that is not a typo, Snitch is half fox, half raccoon: a “fraccoon.”  He is featured on the back of all the Bag-O-Loot cards.)  The plush toy stands fifteen inches tall and is designed so he can sit and hold a Bag-O-Loot game in his paws.  (
Rounding out their new lineup for the forth quarter is the first in a series of children’s books, “The Adventures of Snitch the Fraccoon.”  This beautifully illustrated story takes you through the hills and valleys of Whipple Hollow where Snitch must find and gather the five magic crystals in order to stop the spell of darkness from taking over the land.  (
All of the Bag-O-Loot products are specifically designed to cross promote.  When you buy the game, an insert will direct you to the web site to learn about the plush toy.  Tagged to the ear of every plush toy is an information card which references both the games and the books; and in the back of the book both the games and the plush will be pictured.  Customers who purchase any one of the items will likely be back to buy one or more other products from the Bag-O-Loot line.  It is expected that many retailers will also be bundling the products together right on the shelves driving the ticket price higher.
Bag-O-Loot, LLC has been manufacturing and selling the Bag-O-Loot game since 2010.  They are located in central New Hampshire and distribute throughout the country and parts of Canada.  They are committed to producing quality family oriented products and giving the very best customer service to both their retail and wholesale customers.  You can visit their web site ( or call them toll free at (855) 355-GAME  (4263).

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