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Cedar Rapids, IA – As Christmas shopping comes to a close, some retailers are getting ready to pack their bags as well. Every year handfuls of seasonal kiosks fill shopping malls to move more merchandise. Some kiosk owners KCRG spoke with on Saturday say it can sometimes be a challenge when you are only selling a few specific items. So every year these owners try their best to predict what will sell and what won’t.

For seasonal kiosks, location is what’s important when trying to sell a few select items that people will want to put under the tree. “It’s all about adjusting and finding out what’s hot and what’s not,” said Jay Contois, Owner of Starlight- Animal Hats. “The season has been great, we actually have a new location this year and it’s helped business pick up quite a bit,” said Brenda Carter, a volunteer with The ARC of Eastern Iowa’s annual “Wrapping for a Cause” stand.

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