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In an effort to increase sales and ease the job of sales people, Bag-O-Loot has just released their new sixty second promotional video loop. This video is designed to catch the attention to a passing customer and excite them about the Bag-O-Loot card game. The goal was to make sure that within a few seconds the customer knows what the product is, sees that it is played by both adults and kids, and get a sense that it is a really fun game. Watch it here:

An independent marketing consultant was brought in to evaluate the video and commented, “It’s absolutely attention grabbing. This will be very effective in bringing excitement and awareness to the product. They did a great job.” The sixty second loop was made to be effective either with or without sound.

Bag-O-Loot president John Shelley said, “Bag-O-Loot was already big seller last year, but I think stores that have this video playing will double or triple their numbers. In a good location, this video should easily generate sales of 20 to 30 units per day. More in high traffic locations.”

Bag-O-Loot came on the market in 2010 and sold almost 10,000 units in a small test market area. It is now available nation wide, has won two awards, and is seeing a growth curve that is almost unheard of in the toy and game industry. Bag-O-Loot is a new family card game that comes packaged in a shiny golden draw string bag. You can find out more at their web site,, or contact them via phone or email: 855-355-GAME (4263) /

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